Thursday, October 2, 2014

Another Finish!

I really love the Finish Along, it gets me super motivated to actually get quilts done! I think it helps that I won a big fat gift certificate last time I played, so I'm hopeful that maybe I'll win something again. And if not, at least I'm crossing things off my list, which always feels great! See my original goals post here.

My most recent finish is this awesome Arrowed! quilt for Henry. I was originally planning something totally different for Henry's baby quilt, and this was going to be for my shop, but my husband loved this one so much he asked if we could keep it for the baby. And, as one does, I was moved by the flattery, and readily agreed! 

Scott actually helped a lot with this one, in everything from color scheme to arrow placement to quilting ideas. The top & binding are all Kona solids, and the back is a fun chemistry/math formula print. 

I also used my first awesome shop label--is that weird on a quilt for my own kid?

I'm planning to make many more of this quilt, in lots of different colors, for the shop.

I quilted it in mirrored ziggedy-zags in light grey thread. I love how it turned out!

Henry approves also!


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