Monday, October 6, 2014

A Quilt for Baby Leo

I finished Secret Project #3! For my original goals post/introduction, see this post.

My friend T adopted a gorgeous baby boy a few months ago, after years of waiting for the right match to happen. I was so happy for her & her husband and their awesome family that I wanted to make her new babe a quilt! She and her husband are both super awesome artists, so I wanted to make them something super modern and minimalist. When I saw the Concerto Pattern by aria lane, I knew it would be perfect!

This quilt is kinda big for a baby quilt, but that's probably a good thing since I'm gifting it a few months late! It finishes at 51" x 56". I used Kona and Art Gallery solids for the top & binding, and that same awesome science-y print, along with a bit of Art Gallery solid, for the backing.

I hand quilted it 1/4" on each side of every seam, which took a while, but I LOVE how it looks, especially from the back!

I love me a good graph!

I made a second quilt, for baby Leo's birthmother, which is currently in the dryer, so I'll post on that after I get a chance to photograph it!

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