Monday, August 4, 2014


Well, in order to make some headway on those quilty goals I set for myself, I have been sewing a TON the last few weeks! And it has all paid off, since I've made some really great progress! See my original goals list in this post.

Firstly, two finishes (yay!!!): Secret Projects #1 and #2 revealed!

 I'm one of the youth leaders for our church's Young Women program. We have two girls graduating this year, and so we decided to send them off with handmade quilts!
 We talked to their families about their favorite things and colors (this young lady loves the 49ers!), and had all the other girls piece the blocks. I made a few extra blocks and finished the quilts up!
It was fun to teach the girls a new skill, and these blocks were perfect for first-time sewists--they're supposed to be wonky!

I actually machine quilted both of these, because I didn't have time to hand-quilt them like I usually do. It's still not my favorite thing to do, and it certainly didn't help that it's been a bit hot here lately, but they're done, they look great, and hopefully these girls will know how much they're loved!

I based the design of these quilts off of this awesome quilt by Film in the Fridge, and I even managed to get by without doing any y-seams!

The other progress I've made is finishing up the top for Secret Project #3!
(Sorry for the terrible picture--I took it at 1:00am with my iPod!)

I pieced the batting last night (I had lots of huge leftover pieces that worked out perfectly!), and I'm going to piece the backing & baste it tonight. I'm really excited about this one you guys.

Also, I opened a little store! I'm going to be quitting my job when Henry is born :( so I'm going to start selling some of my favorite quilts! I've only got a couple of things listed right now since I've been busy with other stuff, but my goal is 4 quilts a month, and I just made an awesome plan (and Scott mathed for me) for some great new ones coming soon! You can check it out here:

And also like the facebook page here: