Monday, July 14, 2014

Finish Along 2014 Quarter 3 Plans!

I'm linking up to the Finish Along again, in hopes of getting some serious project-finishing done!

Finish Along 2014

I've been in a bit of a sewing rut the last few months--well actually, I've been super sick and tired and miserable, and have spent most of my time sleeping whenever possible. But I'm finally starting to feel better, and have a lot of projects that I am supposed to be finishing, so this is just the impetus I need! Most of them are Secret Projects though, so I can't tell you too much about them, since I'm not sure if the recipients read my blog. Onward!

Secret Project #1:

I just finished this top at about 11:30 last night--I spent about 9 hours at my work (The Intrepid Thread) to use the design wall and big cutting table, and it almost beat me. I always think, "Oh, I'll just figure it out as I go," or "I don't need to follow the pattern!" and then it always comes back to bite me. This one has a definite due date, so I've got to keep up the momentum! Done! Finished 8/3/14.

Secret Project #2:
This is going to be the same pattern as the one above (argh!). I need to make about 10 more blocks, then find another 9 hours to spend at work to piece it all together! Also, it has the same due date, so it's in speed-mode processing. Done! Finished 8/2/14.

Secret Project #3:
 Ideally this would be done already, so it's next in line, but Christmas wouldn't be bad either, so I'm not TOO stressed about getting it done. I'm using the Concerto Pattern by aria lane. I'm hoping it doesn't turn out too Dallas Cowboys-looking. Done! Finished 9/4/14

Secret Project #4:
This is a companion quilt for #3 above, using the same pattern but different colors. Done! Finished 10/1/14.

Quilt for Baby Henry:
 Henry is due at the beginning of September, so I should probably make a quilt for him! I saw this gorgeous quilt on Flickr, and my awesome Maxine figured out all the math for me. Ideally this will be done before Mr. Henry arrives, but with all the other projects I have going, the chances aren't looking so great. Done! Turned out a bit different, but finished nonetheless! Finished 9/9/14.

Will's Ninja Star Quilt:

My son Will started this about 3 years ago, and I have been lame and haven't sat down with him to work on it in a looooooong time. So hopefully we can work on it soon! It's baby size, so he's planning to give it to Henry.

Ben's First Quilt:
This one actually has ninjas. Ben picked out the fabric almost a year ago, but we haven't started it yet. He plans to give this baby size one to Henry also, then make a twin size for himself. He's very excited to start working on it!

Gigungous Star Quilt:
 This has actually been basted for over a year, it's just so huge and I had no idea how to quilt it, so it's been sitting around. I finally decided to do horizontal lines 1" apart all the way across, which will of course take a million years. But it's nice to have something on my quilt frame to work on in the evenings when we're watching a movie or something. Once I finish piecing and basting the projects above this will have to be set aside again, but I'm going to try to studiously work on it and make a dent in it.

My overall plan is to sew at least and hour a day, and quilt two lines on the Giant Star quilt every day, until Henry is born. I've been doing way more than that since I made this goal on Wednesday, so hopefully I'll be able to keep it up! I'll probably be able to finish 8 quilts in 3 months, and have a baby in the middle of it all, right?