Sunday, April 7, 2013

1st Quarter Finish-A-Long Finishes

Turns out I'm not a very consistent blogger. It's been three months since my last post! Oh well--at least I've been using that time to get some good sewing done! I'm happy to say that I finished all of my goals from my original Finish-A-Long post for this first quarter! Yay! Here's the original post so you can see where I started! On to the finishes!

1. Do Good Stitches Lemon Squares quilt:

This turned out to be a pretty big quilt! The quilting pattern looks kinda like stage lights or laser beams or something, which was pretty fun to do. There are close-ups and pics of the back here in my Flickr set. I still need to deliver it, which hopefully I'll do pretty soon here.

2. Doll Cuddle Packs:

I got them all finished! More pics again on Flickr. I'm going to give one away, and possibly try to sell the other two extra ones on etsy.

3. Evy's Dress (and matching doll dress):
The dress turned out looking like a nightgown, and I don't think I'll ever use this pattern again. But Evy likes it, so I think that's what matters most, right?

4. Old-Timey Nine-Patch Quilt

It's FINALLY finished you guys. After 11 years. Incredible. I didn't think it would ever happen, but here it is! More process pics and pics of the back on Flickr again.

5. Old Aprons:

I'm not very happy with these. They looked fine on the dress form the pattern maker used for the pattern cover, but that shape on a real person with real hips is just not flattering. But they are cute, and perfectly functional, so, maybe I'll fine someone to give them to?

6. The Saccharine-Sweet Triangle Quilt:

This was pretty hard to piece, because triangles are weird! I used up every last scrap for the back, and quilted it in an awesome radiating X pattern. 

So there you go! Accomplished all of my goals! Woo hoo! Time to start making and working on goals for next quarter!


  1. Way to go!! You're awesome! How cool that you finished your first ever quilt (that is the one, right?) after all these years!

  2. Wow, you did so well finishing your list! And it was such a great list, I love that Old-timey nine patch, it is a beautiful quilt and you must feel so good to have it out of the sewing room.