Thursday, September 6, 2012

Starting something new!

The other day I was sitting in our new mint green chair in the entryway, staring at my fabric cupboard, and I decided that I really need to use up some of my fabric. I have all the fabric needed for several quilts that I planned over the years, and for one reason or another never started. I think there are two  big reasons for this: Firstly, that there's not enough time in the day to take care of my kids, house, and husband, and make all the quilts I want. This is OK with me. I know the day will come way too soon when our house is empty and lonely, and I'll have all the time I could possibly want, but will be missing my little ones. The second is that I feel really bad (for some reason) about all the quilts I started in the past but have yet to finish. I decided the other day while contemplating all this that I would rather have a finished top, or a basted quilt that I set aside for months or years, than just a cupboard full of fabric and wishing I had made something. So, I have decided to start slowly finishing up old quilts in the order they were started, and allowing myself to use up fabric, make those things I want to make, and loosen up on my "rules." I mean, quilting is what I do for fun, so why am I forcing myself to work on things I'm not inspired to work on? The other night after all these decisions I drew up a plan for some fabric that I bought at JoAnn a good 4 or 5 years ago, added in a few other prints from my stash, and came up with this:

I was surprised that I really couldn't find any tutorials on a diagonal rectangle quilt. Then I started trying to do the math, and realized why not too many people seem to be doing them. Eventually Scott took over, because I think it was getting frustrating for him to have me keep asking questions from the other room! That might have been what I was hoping for anyway though!

I have no plan for now as to what to do with this quilt, but I assume the perfect recipient will be easily found whenever it's done. I have a few other things I need to work on, and doing life is still a bit slow going for me, but I'm hoping to start this next week or so!

I'm linking up to my friend Diane's blog for her from blank pages linky party! There are some great projects starting up over there!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I finally miscarried on Tuesday. It wasn't nearly as bad as last time, although I almost didn't make it home from picking the kids up from school. I'm hoping to get back to normal soon. I suspect I'm still pretty anemic, so it will probably take a few weeks to get any kind of regular energy back. Thanks to everyone for the meals, groceries, kind words, thoughts, and prayers. We feel and are very grateful for your support!