Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make your own Color Card! (A Little Tutorial)

Whew! The last 2 weeks have been crazy over here. The entire family has been sick, Scott is getting ready for finals, and things have been stressful! I have a ton of sewing commitments due soon, but haven't had any time to sew due to the aforementioned sicknesses, and I was honestly getting quite stressed out about it! So, the best thing to do in a situation like this is to start a brand new, completely unnecessary project! Yay!

I've been wanting a Kona Color Card for a long time. It would be great to have it on hand when trying to match fabrics, especially since I buy most of my fabric online, and it just doesn't work when you try to hold a piece of fabric up to the computer screen to see which color matches best! Last year I was in the Pink Chalk Monthly Solids Club, where each month I got a mystery bundle of solid fat quarters. I kept thinking I should make myself my own card. I didn't want to buy one, since that would mean $20 less for my fabric-buying budget, and also the club sent solids from Moda Bella and Free Spirit also, which wouldn't be included on the Kona card. Anyway, I finally decided to do a kind of paint chip sort of dealie. This way I can add to it whenever I get any new colors, and I can carry it in my purse to the store. So, here's what you need to make your own: (Sorry if the pictures are blurry. I took them inside at night while holding a moving baby!)

--A glue stick
--5" square ruler (any size is really fine, it's just easier with this size)
--Rotary cutter with pinking blade or pinking shears
--A bunch of 3" x 5" index cards
--Paper scissors
--All your solids!
--Some kind of ring dealie to hold your finished cards (I started with that plastic star one, then got the bracelet in the first pic from Joann for $1.29. What I really want is one of those big giant circle ones that Wardens in all movies have.)

So, first measure 2.5" in from the sides of your index card and cut them in half with your paper scissors.

 Next cut a 2" square out of each of your fabrics using your pinking blade. Remember that the blade has width, so keep that in mind when lining up for your first cuts. You also have to push a lot harder with a pinking blade than a regular-type blade.

Apply glue to your card, and then stick your fabric to it.

Write the color on there with your Sharpie! I decided to write the name on the back, so that it didn't get distracting. I was also worried about writing on the fabric, having the letters hidden by the fabric, or the hole puncher taking a bite out of the letters. I did each card one at a time, because I didn't want to get confused as to which color was which. I did 52 all in one sitting though!

I wrote some favorite fabric lines that I've already figured out coordinate on the backs also, in case I ever am wondering what color to use again.

Punch a hole in the top, and you're done! Have fun playing with new color combinations!

All neat & tidy!

I was planning to sew these on and just use the glue to hold them in place, but so far they are holding up really well, and I was worried that the color of the thread would be too distracting. Sometimes it's so hard to match up colors exactly, and a jagged line of white thread seemed like it would make things worse! I cut a bunch of extra cards and put all my supplies somewhere I'll remember (on the top shelf of my sewing corner) so I can remember to make a new card next time I get a new solid! I'd love to see yours, so please come back and leave me a link in the comments if you make one!


  1. This is a FANTASTIC idea! Thanks, Colleen :)

  2. I should do this! I do have a Kona card, but it seems like as soon as I got it, Moda Bella and Free Spirit started getting more solids and now I like those better anyway. Right now my only organizational technique is to write the color name on the selvedge when the fabric arrives. I guess my whole stash is a color card.

  3. I've been thinking about doing something similar. I keep telling myself to just buy the RF card, but now I see it would be even better to make my own to make more cross line cards. Now I'm ready to take the plunge.

    1. Very clever! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  4. Writing coordinating prints on the back is a brilliant idea. I started doing something similar with a local solid designer, but I do love your idea.

  5. The colors are so beautiful, it looks like a piece of art! : )

  6. These are so great!!! I'm adding it to my list. ; )

  7. What a fantastic idea! (And so much better than the little swatches of fabric I stick in my pocket before I head to the shop.) I am always losing them!

  8. Genius! I'm totally doing this! Thanks!