Monday, April 2, 2012

Decisions, decisions


I have a really hard time making trivial decisions. Like trying to decide which restaurant to go to, or even just making dinner at all. Which is why I usually end up making mac & cheese, toast, and a can of pears at about 6:15 at night. Anyway, that's why is the best. So this morning, here are the things I'm trying to decide between:

1. Clean the light fixture in the entryway
2. Clean the piano
3. Laundry
4. Dishes
5. Bind the Parisville Quilt
6. Make back for the FFA1 Quilt
So, Mr. Random says I should: 4. Dishes. Dang. Well, that didn't go the way I had hoped.


OK, dishes are "done," although around here this statement is less "all the dishes are now clean" and more "the clean dishes holding rack dealie and surrounding counters are now full of clean dishes, but there are still two sinks mostly full of dirty ones." Let's be honest.
I always have "helpers" when I do dishes. They love it. They argue about whose turn it is, and get really frustrated if I forget the proper order and they don't get the turn they think they should have.

Most of the time it drives me crazy, because water gets everywhere and they are in the way and I get all claustrophobic, but Will is finally at the place where I don't have to rewash every dish he does, and Ben is close. I dream of the day when I will only have to do the dishes like once a week, because everyone else will have turns on the other days. Yes! It will be amazing! Also, this is sweet one-on-one time with each of my kids. A little bit of time each day (well, maybe I skip doing the dishes some days. might explain the continual mountain) with just one kid (usually) to talk and work together and be right next to them. Hopefully this is the kind of thing they will remember about their childhoods, and not the fact that we always had lots of dirty dishes and ate canned stew and cereal for dinner half the time.

Now for the grocery store. I hate the grocery store, and would be procrastinating going even more, but I just put the very last diaper on Mackey, so we're on a tight timeline. Hopefully I'll have just enough time to put away the cold stuff, then go pick Will up from school. By the time we get home Scott should be home from school (Yay! He was gone for 5 days, and we are all super happy he's back home!). Then there's been a rumor that a friend might give us a big ol' trampoline. Then we've got a t-ball practice and game. I should probably figure out something for dinner in there somewhere.

If, by chance, there's time for another of the aforementioned activities, let's see what Mr. Random thinks I should do next: 4. Again. I kid you not. Looks like I might empty that sink out all the way after all!

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  1. I love this post. It makes me happy. :-) And I think your kids won't for one minute be bummed about your menu, but will have loved doing the dishes with you.