Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Summer "Bucket List"

Melissa & Hilary & I were talking about fun things to do this summer (because, you know, February is the best time to do that) so I decided to start keeping a list. This was on our fridge last year:

Castle Golfland (in Roseville)
Moss Beach Tide Pools and awesome playground
San Jose Giants game
This awesome park and this one too
See an IMAX movie (maybe--this might not be great with so many small kids)
Children's Discovery Museum
San Jose Museum of Art
The Tech Museum
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
The Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Beach (lots)
The Woods/Pescadero
Find Tadpoles
Happy Hollow
Monterey Bay Aquarium & Dennis the Menace park & Carmel beach

We only did a handful of those things, and it's a great list, so I'll keep it up for this year, and try to think of things to add to it!


  1. love the list. sounds exciting! we miss u guys!!! we would so JOIN u guys if we were still living there...have FUN!

  2. My dad has a couple of guest passes for the aquarium, I can lend them to you, if you want.