Friday, October 14, 2011

Waiting for the mailman....

I have been anxiously awaiting the mail this week, and will be for the next few weeks, because I'm expecting several fun things!
Firstly, it's my month to design the quilt for the charity quilt bee that I am in, do. Good StitchesEveryone is sending in two 12" square purple & grey stars, and one person did a big 24" square star for the center. It's pretty exciting to see all the different types of stars and fabrics people choose. After I get all the stars, I'll put it all together, quilt it, and send it off to My Very Own Blanket, an organization that collects quilts to give to children in foster care. 

I'm also hosting a Vintage Sheet fat quarter swap! I've already gotten more than 140 FQs from people, so I'm just waiting for the rest of the packages to come in, then I'll swap all of them around and mail them back out! It's really amazing how many different pretty sheets there are out there. My plan is to make a scrap-type quilt with small squares or rectangles of lots of different prints, kind of like this.

I also recently ordered a piece of fabric from Spoonflower which I'll be using for Evy's eventual big quilt, which will be made with this Far Far Away fabric by Heather Ross. It's going to be epic, seriously. Here is about a third of the prints, I couldn't find a great picture of all of them, and am pretty much incapable of taking one myself.
Speaking of Heather Ross, my very favorite artist, the last thing I'm waiting for in the mail is my Christmas present! Heather Ross has a studio sale every year, and since everything sells out VERY quickly, I got to pick my own Christmas present a little early! I missed out on the fabric I really wanted because it sold out in 3 minutes, but I still got some good stuff, so I can't wait for that to come!

I made some more blocks for the do. Good Stitches group for the September quilt:

These are supposed to be intentionally "wonky," but I think they turned out looking more like I just can't cut straight. But thankfully there will be a bunch of other blocks, so these shouldn't stand out too much!

I finished the top for Ben's big quilt, and I've quilted about 2/3 of it:
It's the biggest quilt I've made yet, so I feel like it's taking forever to finish!

Lastly, I finished up an old WIP (Work In Progress)!

 I made this 4 or 5 years ago. I did raw-edge applique: I started with a big piece of muslin (plain white fabric) and then sewed each "layer" down with a 1/4 free seam allowance. It took a lot of topstitching and fusible web for the barn, and was a bit advanced for me at the time. I started quilting it in large diagonal lines across the while thing, hated it, and put it away for years. When I saw the 100 Quilts for Kids challenge, I thought it would be great to finish it up & donate it. So I picked out all the diagonal quilting, and ended up just echoing around the barn and each layer of the fields. I'm pretty happy with it! The raw edges have gotten soft and frayed in the wash, and I think a little baby would like to have tummy time with this bright, colorful quilt that is fun to touch! Max certainly loves it! It's going out in the mail today to My Very Own Blanket!

Just to prove that I have not been neglecting my kids with all this sewing, here's Evy in a "costume" of her own design:

Although I had to tie Scott's old tie for her! :)