Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Stuff!

So! Summer is over! Will started school this week, which was a little sad and a little exciting.

Isn't he so big? Incredible. He has the only male teacher in the school, which he thinks is pretty great. His teacher is also the only one that LETS them go outside every day to run laps! So exciting! Everything has gone pretty well so far. His teacher has gopher snake eggs in the classroom in an incubator tank, and one of them hatched on Friday, and all the kids got to hold it. I'm a little jealous that I never had a teacher that awesome. Also, Will was fighting on the monkey bars with his friend yesterday, and he fell off, and landed on his head (and leg) and got up, walked all wobbeldy for a few steps, then fell down. He said he then felt like he was asleep, and woke up a minute later with his friend asking if he was OK, and he forgot he was at school. So then they just kept playing, and didn't tell anyone or go to the nurse. You know. No biggie. Just passing out on the playground and stuff. So, now two of my kids have passed out due to falling on their heads, and neither one was Ben! We just sat around and watched a movie yesterday afternoon, and Evy cuddled up with Will and held his hand most of the time. It was super cute.

We had a good water fight in the backyard the week before school started: I stood by the porch and sprayed the hose, and the kids ran through it. Great system.

Evy got hold of the camera, and took lots of picture of my fabric cupboard (good girl!) and....

Thankfully the camera is still alive.

I bought a huge bag of fridge letters from a thrift store for $4. There are at least 5 different fonts in there. The current goal is to keep them all high enough on the fridge that Max can't reach.

I finished up more blocks for my charity quilting bee, do. Good Stitches.

Also, I planned out what my design will be for my month (October) and I'm pretty excited. I've changed my mind a gazillion times already, but I actually drew it out on graph paper with the kids' colored pencils, and had Scott do the maths for me, so hopefully I still love it on October first when I need to give out the directions.

After designing the aforementioned quilt, I decided that graph paper was a way good way to keep track of all my awesome quilt ideas, so I needed a little graph paper book. Also, I decided it should be free. So I got out a pretty file folder I bought at Barnes & Noble like 5 years ago and a bunch of graph paper from a notepad and sewed it together! It looks pretty good! It's a bit crooked, and I forgot to backstitch the ends so it may all unravel, and my stitch length was really short so it might rip through the paper. But hey! I made me a quilt design journal!

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  1. so will started sch...what abt ben??? i absolutely adore that pic with evy n will.