Friday, June 24, 2011

Shop Hop by the Bay

Well a while ago I joined the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild which has been great! Once a month we have a meeting, and I get to spend a few hours talking about fabric & quilting and having a little uninterrupted sewing time! At the last meeting someone mentioned the Shop Hop by the Bay which I thought would be super fun! There are 13 quilt shops and a museum to visit over 5 days, and each one has refreshments and you get a little stamp on your "passport." There are prizes for visiting all of them, and a drawing for a week-long sewing retreat. I wouldn't be able to go to that, so hopefully someone else wins. Anyway, I managed to do it (Yay me!), so here's a little bit of a review! Each shop gave out a 2 1/2" x WOF batik strip (my choice of warm or cool color--some let me choose from several, and some chose for me), and you get a pattern for a bag made out of the strips, so the idea is by the end you have enough fabric to make to outside of the bag. I'm not a fan of Batik fabric, so maybe I can try to trade someone or something!

**As a disclaimer, I had 2-4 kids with me for all of these visits, and wasn't able to spend a huge amount of time looking around at stuff!**

First, on Wednesday, we visited the San Jose Museum of Quilts And Textiles. I have to admit, I was disappointed. The current exhibits are not what we were expecting! There was a room with a bunch of beautiful Native American loom-woven wool blankets (with some wool samples for touching!), many of which were 130 years old. The other exhibits were very....modern. I'm sure this means that I just don't understand how amazing it is, but I've personally never been a fan of that kind of art, and my kids just couldn't figure out why there weren't any quilts there. It was small, too, so whoever parked in our spot after us got over an hour of free meter time! They did have Lemonade and delicious lemony raspberry cookies, and I entered a drawing for a (machine?) redwork wall/baby size quilt.

Next we went to Sisters N Stitches in Fremont. It was a little bit hard to get to, because it wasn't in a strip mall or anything, it was in an industrial area! The staff was very friendly, they gave me & my kids candy and tiny water bottles, and they had quite a bit of nice fabric! I also got a free pattern designed by the store owner! The fabric section was rather small, but there was a pretty big classroom and possibly longarm quilting area? It's hard to remember! They gave me a 10% discount with my Guild membership card! They had a bunch of the Erin McMorris Go By Bike fabric, and I kinda wish I had bought some more, but I did get a few good things:

Next we went to a thrift store, and I bought some vintage sheets (I'm possibly working on a HUGE project, but I haven't decided if I can commit to it, so for now I'm just collecting!). Then we went to Golden State Quilting in Campbell. The dog was nowhere in sight which was probably a good thing, since I had all my kids with me. They have a rally nice shop, and also a very clean bathroom! They had lots of kits and patterns and fat quarter packs, and a big longarm in the front of the shop. They had a TON of Kaffe Fasset prints, including the very few of his prints I like! They were willing to cut fat quarters out of anything! They also gave me a free pattern!
They had that great trail nix with all the caramelized fruit, which my kids thought was great. Except Will, he just tried to pick out as many peanuts as he could. This shop also gave me a 10% Guild discount.
To be continued!

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