Friday, April 22, 2011

Princess and the Pea birthday sets!

Each set has a bag, 7 mattresses, a big ole bead sewed down to one mattress for the "pea", a Princess and the Pea book, a doll (we're all about multicultural dolls around here!), and a quilt for the doll.

The one on the left is for my niece, who's 4th birthday party is tonight; the middle is for my daughter's best friend, who's 3rd birthday party is tomorrow afternoon; and the one on the right is for my daughter. It's not finished yet because her 3rd birthday isn't until December. :)

OK, now for some references and more info:
--There are several of these sets out there on the interwebs, but I think the first place I saw it was on make it perfect.

--The bag is the Jane Market Bag with a few alterations: I put the straps in between the bag and the lining, and I added interfacing to the straps and the outer bag (and the lining too for the bag on the right, which I wish I had done for all 3), and I didn't put on the pockets. I used Heather Ross' Far Far Away fabric for the center panels, and tried to pull colors from that print for the rest of the bags, like Jeni explains on her blog post here. The pattern wasn't technically difficult, but it was a bit tedious for me. It is probably because my iron and sewing machine are in completely different rooms, so all the getting up and sewing one part and then ironing another little part were a bit irritating. That's just how sewing is though! Also, fusing interfacing is BORING.

--The mattresses were made from a tutorial at stitch craft although I had to make them a lot bigger since my dolls are pretty big. I used all fabrics from my stash, and for Evy's set several prints from my granny's stash, including two that she had made me dresses out of when I was a kid. It was awesome to pull those pieces out of her bin and have those memories come flooding back!

--Unfortunately there are very few P & P books in print right now. There are several Fairy Tale anthologies, but I wanted just the one story, and I want pretty illustrations. Because that's what 3 & 4 year olds care about in a book. :) The ones I used are both English AND Spanish versions, which is great, because my daughter's friend's big brother is in the Spanish immersion program at school and her mom is fluent. My brother-in-law is also fluent, because he served a mission in Peru. I got the one on the left on Amazon, and the one in the middle at Barnes & Noble. There is a topless picture of the princess in the B & N one for some reason (her hair is there, but, you know). I wouldn't have bought it if I had enough time to order another from Amazon. Hopefully my friend doesn't mind.

--The dolls are Gymbelle dolls from Gymboree. They are the best. Soft and cuddly, not a baby but not a skanky Bratz doll either. It looks like they only come out with one or two a year, so I had to get one of them from eBay. I also made a little felt crown for each of them, but ran out of time to take a picture.

I love how this bag came out. I used my only tiny scraps of FMF! It's a little bit busy, but I think it still works.

This is the quilt for my niece:

I hand quilted in the ditch all around each diamond in a light green thread. My mother-in-law made my niece a twin quilt out of Moda's Eva line, so I gave her princess a matching quilt. The back is from the big peacock on pink from the same line. I got the idea for the diamond pattern from my very first FlickrFriend, Jen: baby boy quilt

The quilt for Evy's friend:

was a test-block for the FFA1 quilt I'm planning to make for Evy. I saw Jeni's amazing vintage sheet quilt and knew that I wanted to use the Sparkling Cider pattern for it. It uses a weird half-square triangle ruler to make the flying geese, which was pretty difficult for me to figure out. Thankfully I think this little quilt turned out really well, and looks so pretty! I hand quilted in the ditch around the star and the border squares in light pink thread.

Evy's princess quilt is going to be some test blocks from the Short Story pattern, which I'm going to use for my BAMQG challenge. I'm going to make it out of some leftover scraps from her baby quilt.

I've just got to keep the momentum going a little bit longer so I can finish Evy's set (because if I stop now I'll never finish it!). Anyway, this has been really fun, and I'm kinda hoping I have the chance to make more at some point!

It's over!


  1. colleen!!! that is the cutest present i've ever seen! its adorable. and you are SUPER TALENTED! (heres to wishing u all the motivation so evy gets a set too!)

  2. You're amazing. That's all =)

  3. What great gifts! They are going to love them. It reminds me of when I made Joy and DeeDee canapy doll beds for Christmas. (Something we learned how to do in RS) Your presents are much more creative and involved however. Good job!

  4. Everything looks incredible! What thoughtful gifts!

  5. I found your blog thru stitched in colors things i wouldn't say comment. I was drawn by your comments about hand quillting because that's the kind of quilting i plan on doing and I've been trying to find bloggers who do it! Im now following because i think these doll sets are so amazing. I haven't really figured out flickr yet but when i get off my phone and onto my computer im going to finnd you there too so i can see some of your quilting. I haven't actually completed a quilt yet so you're definitely encouragement to me in a world of free motion quilting that i just really don't like.

  6. @ Rachel--No, they are made by Gymboree. My original plan was to make them, but after buying a pattern and all the supplies, I decided it was too hard. Someday I'll use those supplies though!

  7. @Jennifer--Thanks so much! Good luck with your projects. I'm not an expert by ANY means, but if you have any questions I'll try to help!

  8. I love the Princess and the Pea gift sets! And the Eva quilt is so stunning. You are one talented momma!

  9. lol. Love the skanky Bratz comment. And love these gifts! So amazing!