Monday, November 15, 2010

This will be really rambling, but some Things have happened that I want to get down, although it's hard to type while holding a baby and I'm pretty sleepy!

All four kids were sick last week--super congested and diarrhea. Thankfully there was only one big mess, and luckily I had my handy-dandy Emergency Kit in the car, complete with extra diapers, wipes, change of clothes, and extra garbage bags to contain everything. Will only had 3 days of school last week due to Veteran's Day, and I had him stay home all week. I took all four kids to the doctor on Tuesday. Evy had had diarrhea for 8 days, and Max was so congested that he was just making terrible noise all night, and I knew if I didn't bring them in and things got any worse, everyone at the hospital wold think I was a terrible mother. The advice nurse said they were mostly worried about Max since he was so young, but since I'd have to bring all four in anyway (Scott being at school) they might as well examine everyone. Will weighed 46.5# (all kids had clothes & shoes on, they were in too much of a hurry to have them take off their shoes or have me undress Max, probably because I was about 10 minutes late). Everything looked good for him, except he's had a cough for a week or two and his lungs sounded something, so he got antibiotics (Zithromax--which I was worried about because it causes diarrhea in cats and tastes super bitter, but Will didn't get any worse and the cherry flavor was apparently super yummy). Ben weighed 42 pounds, and everything looked great, she said to keep up the Pedialyte I had been giving him. Evy weighed 22 pounds (!!) and also looked really good. Max, who was three weeks and one day old, weighed 11 pounds even! The doctor wanted me to have him sleep at at least a 45 degree angle, with a cool-mist humidifier in front of him. Like, in his car seat. I think she still has a hard time accepting that he sleeps in our bed. Instead I've been putting him in his bouncer and bringing it into the bathroom when I take a shower so he can get the steam. If I tried to make him stay in the car seat any longer than absolutely necessary he would just scream constantly, which is what he does whenever I put him in there. Thankfully we don't drive places very often.

Anyway, there hasn't been any more diarrhea since we went to the doctor, and Max is still a little congested, and Evy's nose is still a little runny, but definitely much better. I don't know how people can possibly sleep with their babies in a crib in another room--it was scary even for me, with Max right next to me while he was having that terrible loud congestion! I would be so paranoid if he wasn't right there where I could make sure he was still breathing. Also, whoever invented the bulb-syringe is a genius. Max is the only baby I know who doesn't freak out when you suck out his boogers. He just lays there. So weird.

I went to Will's parent-teacher conference last week (Scott had to stay home with the 3 big sick kids). He's doing really well, above grade level in reading and math, and she says he already has a bunch of weird tricks for math stuff. Scott is proud of him, but also bummed that Will is going to spend all of his high school years getting chastised for not showing his work. She mentioned several times what a sweet boy he is, and how kind he is to all the other kids, and how he's willing to be friends with everyone, and how happy he is. It made me very happy & proud; naturally I think he's super awesome, and it makes me feel great that other people think so too.

Max is smiling a ton! It so hilarious. He'll do just one side of his face, then a huge, whole-face, open-mouth smile. While everyone was sick we had a Star Wars marathon, and watched all the movies (including the animated #2.5) except #2, which is lost, over the week. And now all three kids are playing with light sabers, and "reflector" shields, and even Evy is building guns and "bips" (spaceships) out of Legos. Man, those old Star Wars movies are super good.

Ben made me trophy out of K'Nex "for having a baby." Which is awesome. I think all women should get awesome K'nex trophies for having babies. He also made one for Max, with a little heart-shaped K'Nex bit, which he explained was "for being the most specialist. And he gets a heart but you don't because I love him more than you. Actually I love you both equally the same, but he gets the heart."

Ben got a little turkey crown/hat thing at our Ward Thanksgiving party, and he yelled out, "I am the king of all turkeys!!!" which was hilarious.

I bought Scott a huge 4# bag of various-sized Tootsie rolls, which was going to be a secret anniversary present, but he brought all he groceries in from the car and I forgot to make hiding arrangements, so he got it early. I think I still deserve some sort of Awesome Wife commendation. And maybe a trophy.


  1. Hi guys! Never got to say congratulations on baby Max, so ... Congratulations on baby Max! We are so happy for your family.

  2. Four sick kids all at once--yikes! I hope everyone is on the mend and this week is better.

    I'd love to have a picture of smiling Max on the quilt I made.

    Happy Anniversary, you guys.

  3. u were super mom with the four sick kids =) and i seriously get super happy whenever my kiddies go past 20ish pounds (which often takes forever). ur kiddies do the sweetest and funniest things sometimes. i love it.