Saturday, October 16, 2010

Still no baby!

Well, Wednesday afternoon I was feeling yucky all day, and in the evening I had a few contractions! They were like 1/2 an hour apart, and didn't hurt at all. I think I had a few during the day, but they were so mild I couldn't tell if he was stretching or if it was a contraction. Anyway, that evening after I was sure I'd had several (albeit small) contractions I got really scared. Maybe a little panicky. Then Scott asked me to help him study (his last midterm was Thursday). I felt a little bad, because I was really getting anxious because I was scared of impending labor (pain) and wanted to go to bed. When Will was born we had been up for like 48 hours before he actually came out, and it was so exhausting, so I really wanted to get some sleep in before things sped up. We ended up going over all the stuff that Scott needed to, and I practically ran off to bed. I don't think I even brushed my teeth. Then nothing else happened. And I have to admit, I was really relieved. Thursday Scott's parents and I went for a walk around the neighborhood, and it didn't help at all. Thursday evening more contractions started, but still super small and FAR apart. Then I was sitting on the couch reading and there was one that actually hurt a little, and I freaked out again, took a shower, and rushed to bed. But there weren't any more after the slightly painful one. Yesterday Scott stayed home from work (because we figured we'd be having a baby pretty soon!) and we all walked to Jamba Juice and back, which is about a mile each way. Still nothing. That evening we went out to dinner at Black Angus with Scott's parents & his brother's family. I had a chicken BLT that was super yummy. I felt really yucky the whole time though. My back and stomach hurt, and I had terrible heartburn and my leg cramps were super bad. Thankfully, I only had a few tiny contractions. But I left right after dinner and Scott took the kids with the rest of his family to play somewhere for a few hours, and I went to bed. When they got home, Ben threw up a ton. I should have known it would happen, because he kept asking when the food was going to come and why it was taking them so long to cook it in a kinda panicked way at dinner, which was pretty out of character for him. I had a fleeting thought that maybe his tummy was hurting, but I shrugged it off. I hate it when I do that! Anyway, he and Will were exhausted, and it was way too late of a night for them, and it was really hard getting them into bed. Ever since Will started school we just can't stay up late with them anymore (homeschool FTW!). I had a few more small contractions, but they went away once I went to bed too. Today I stayed home with Ben, and Scott took Will & Evy to Will's soccer game, and then to Vasona for a picnic with his family. Ben has been totally fine all day, but I do NOT want to leave my poor in-laws with a vomiting child while I'm having a baby, and it would be hard on Ben too. So we decided to play it safe and just keep him home and let him have a movie day. When Scott got home I went to Target to get a few things, and use my coupons I bought on eBay for Pediasure for Evy. It took 38 minutes to get there instead of like 8, because this two-lane road was getting repaved, and there was a TON of super slow, backed up traffic, and all the left turns were closed, and I couldn't get out. I did get to hear some Green Day and Weezer on the radio, although pretty much everything else on the radio these days is lame. No contractions at all today.

I think I read somewhere that the mother's mental state can have a bearing on labor progression, and I'm wondering if my freaking out is messing things up. I'm going to try really hard next time to get pumped up and not be scared.

Yesterday was my ultrasound to check for adequate fluid levels and the non-stress test (NST). Scott actually got to come with me! I think this was only the third appointment he was able to come to. I weighed 148 (but with the old-timey scale). For the NST they hooked me up to a fetal heart rate monitor and a contractions monitor, gave me a juice box, and let me sit there for 20 minutes or so. Then my doctor came in and looked at the monitoring strip dealie, said that there were a couple tiny contractions, and that the baby was moving plenty and had a great heart rate. Then she got out this little plastic thing that buzzed like an alarm clock, and she said that she was going to put it on my belly to wake the baby up. She did, and he just jumped and moved super fast and squirmed to the other side of my belly! He totally panicked! It made me so sad. My poor tiny baby having to get all scared like that. :( Afterwards we did an ultrasound and she checked my cervix. I'm dilated to a 3.5 (up from 3 on Tuesday) and she said there is tons of fluid in there, so there's no reason I can't go past due. I have another appointment for next Tuesday (and I'm not going to let her use that buzzer thing! So there!) to do another NST, ultrasound, and visit with my doctor. Hopefully I won't make it till then, but at this rate it seems like I will!

Also, I took down the counting-down-to-baby-time thing, because it started going back up after my due date!

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  1. so one one note: congrats on the baby another note: how is buying coupons for pediasure online? ive never really done it and she doesn't drink it that often but...i dont exactly want to pay full price either.