Friday, October 22, 2010

Max's Birth Story--Finally!

Maximus Adam Peltz, born 10/18/10 at 10:44am, 8# 14oz, 20" long

Well, Saturday night nothing happened, and I didn't get very much sleep, which was a bit disappointing. On Sunday I had a feeling of "this is the day!" all day, but didn't want to jinx it by saying anything or even thinking it too much. At church there were a zillion variations of "Are you still pregnant" which is always hilarious. It actually rained Sunday, so we had to drive for the first time since we moved to this house. Scott took a nap that afternoon, and the kids and I and Scott's parents took a long walk. We had super tasty Pepper Steak for dinner. When Scott's parents left for their hotel for the evening, his dad said something like, "OK, give us a call at 3:00 am, we'll be ready!"

Later, I heard the neighbor and his daughter yelling at each other. I think she's 13 or so, and is mostly there on weekends. Usually we hear her yell something along the lines of "I HATE YOU!" and then she storms out. We're always kinda sad at this, but figured it was just a "typical" teenage/parent conflict. This night, I was pretty sure I heard him yelling that he hated her back. After almost two hours, with us hearing them yell every once in a while, Scott let Tasha out into the backyard and could hear him yelling "I hate you, I don't love you, why don't you just leave!" (with a LOT of swearing). And it was like 11:00 at night, so it's not like she could have left. Anyway, I decided we needed to do something. I don't think he had hit her, so I didn't think calling the cops would be good, and I thought if Scott went over there Angry Guy was more likely to punch him or something, So I went over there. He didn't answer the door after I pounded on it several times, but I could hear them from the side of there house where the window was open. Now he was saying, "Go ahead, call the cops, I don't care. What are they gonna do?" So I yelled out, "Hey S!" a few times, and finally he said "What!?" I said, "Hey man, can I talk to you for a second?" He asked who it was, and I said, "Colleen from next door." He came to the door and said "What do you want?" I said it seemed like they were having a really hard night, and I asked if there was anything I could do to help them out. He was very mad and swearing and asked what I thought I could do to help. I offered to have his daughter come over for a little while, so they could have some time apart and cool off. He was pretty mad, said something about how we never say hi to him or anything and he doesn't know us and what do I think I'm doing asking to have his daughter come over, and just to go the F away. So I said OK, I was just trying to help. As I was walking away he started saying things about how we already have our hands full, and that maybe someone should take OUR kids away. He was totally trying to intimidate me and knock me down, which I have plenty of experience with, so most of what he said just made me feel sad for them. And I know he was just trying to get to me, but, he DID get to me. How terrible for anyone, even this guy, to think that someone should take my kids away. Anyway, by now Scott was standing out on our porch, and the guy was like, "What about you, do you have an F'n problem too?" and Scott said, "I do have a problem with your language." and the guy said, "Well F you too, what do you think about that!" We were pretty worried about what to do next. Do we call the cops? Child Services' 24 hour hotline? I figured either he would realize it was time to leave it and just go to bed, or he'd blame her and escalate it. So Scott & I said a prayer together, and both decided that things would be OK for tonight, and that we would decide what other things we needed to do in the future. We haven't seen him since then, but I think things are going to be VERY awkward whenever we do. So I think we finally went to bed a little after midnight. I had a few contractions all day, but nothing that was ever painful or even uncomfortable.

Then I woke up a little before 2:00, and I was having really frequent contractions. They still weren't hurting, but they were slightly uncomfortable. So I got up and timed 8 or 9 of them, and they were 3-4 minutes apart. So I started trying to wake up Scott, and called a whole bunch of numbers for my doctor's answering service, which, not surprisingly, told me to go in to the hospital. We called Scott's parents, and they walked in the door right at 3:00am.

When we got to the hospital they checked me and I was between and 6 and a 7. They started the antibiotics for the GBS, and put in a whole IV (told you they would, Eric!). I decided not to fight it, because it's really not that big of a deal. It probably took about an hour for them to do all the check-in questions and set the room up for delivery and all that, and after that I was at a sure 7. I started reading The Hunger Games, and Scott slept a little. My doctor came in at about 6 and checked me, and I was at a 9. Starting at about 7:30 or so we decided to walk around a bit. I had tried to sleep, because I was getting REALLY tired, but the contractions were just a little too strong to sleep through. If I was reading I barely noticed them, but they hurt when I was trying to sleep. So I woke Scott up and we went walking around to L & D department. My nurse kept telling me not to go too far, because she wanted to be able to get me back to my room when my water broke. She said my amniotic sac was super huge and bulging and she kept thinking it was going to break any second. So we walked around for a while, went back to the room & got the second dose of antibiotics, and read, then we walked around some more. The contractions were getting strong enough that I had some trouble walking through them, but I just took tiny steps and breathed real big through them. Finally at about 10:00 I started thinking that things were getting close. The nurse checked me and I was still a 9, and my water broke. There was meconium in there, so they told the NICU to be in the room at delivery to make sure Max's lungs were OK. My nurse kept asking if I needed to push yet, and I said that I thought I could, but it wasn't that scary frantic "Oh my gosh I need to push NOW!!!!" feeling yet. I was starting to worry about that, because my doctor was in her office 400 yards and 2 floors away, and they were going to call her when I REALLY needed to push. I guess the nurse and Scott didn't understand that I wanted them to call the doctor, because they were both kinda astounded at the fact that I was talking normally and seemed totally happy. Plus the nurse kept asking me questions during contractions and expecting me to answer, when I really needed to just tune her out and rock back and forth and concentrate on relaxing all the different parts of my body. She checked me again and I was still a 9, so she told me to lay on my side for a while to get things the rest of the way dilated. I think I had three normal contractions, and then IT came. The thing I was fearing--I needed to push RIGHT NOW, it hurt like crazy, and they still had to call my doctor! The nurse also had to check me and I couldn't roll over onto my back, because even though I was trying hard not to I was pushing a little, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to resist pushing if they put me on my back. So she checked me on my side, said something like Oh yeah, you're ready!" and ran out of the room to call my doctor. By now I was starting to get pissed, I just wanted to deliver this baby and I didn't care WHO caught him, and I was just mad at this stupid system and just wanted the doctor on call who I didn't have to wait for to deliver him. Thankfully my doctor got there really quickly. I think I had 3 monster contractions, although it's hard to tell because at that point they don't fully end. They turned me onto my back, and I had my eyes shut tight because for some reason that was imperative for dealing with the pain, and no one really told me what was going on. I had no idea when everyone was ready or when I was allowed to push and stop fighting it. I'm not sure when I finally decided to go, but I did, and his head came out in 1 and a half pushes. Then I had a lull in the contraction, and they told me I had to deliver his shoulders and push right NOW. I said, "I can't!" and they said "You have to!" (not, yes you can, good job, or anything encouraging like that). So I did, and it was really hard, because it was all me and I didn't have any help from my uterus. Then he was out! And the doctor said "He's really heavy, someone take him from me!" And I heard Scott say he had lots of hair. At some point Scott came around near my head and was holding my hand, which was good. Also I screamed a lot, and my voice really hurt afterwards. I'm pretty sure that screaming as loud as you can is very helpful, since my body did it all on it's own and I certainly never decided to start yelling. Anyway, I kinda wanted to rest for a few seconds, but the doctor immediately started poking & prodding and massaging my uterus and delivered the placenta really quickly. I had a small tear, which she had to fix RIGHT THEN, and I was super flinchy and everything hurt and I was anticipating all the pain and it was terrible. At some point while they were fixing things up they put Max next to me, and I really wanted to hold him and nurse him, but I was stuck where I was. I think if they had given me a second to sit up and hold him in my arms and nurse him while they were working on me it would have been better. They also started me on Pitocin without telling me, which pissed me off. No big deal at this point, but I didn't want them to do it, and they did it all sneaky without saying anything. She said I had a little bit of extra bleeding, and because of what happened with Will's delivery they wanted to be extra careful, and they gave me an injection of something else to help with the bleeding. I'm not sure what it was, but I'm pretty sure it made me really drowsy and fuzzy-headed and nauseous.

After they weighed Max, he was laying in the heated bed dealie & a nurse was checking him, and Scott was standing at the end of the bed and he peed all over Scott! He was probably only about 10 minutes old. And I think he's peed almost every time he's had a diaper change since, although now I've got him figured out, so he's only peed on the walls & floor & himself a few times.

My nurse was getting ready to send me to the Mother-Baby unit, and kept telling me to order my breakfast, but I was feeling super nauseous and didn't really want to. I had been starving up until the injection, since I hadn't eaten anything real since like 7:00 the night before. I ended up ordering French toast & a blueberry muffin and eggs. They put me in a wheelchair to go to the new room, and that made me feel even more sick. They delivered my food to the new room, and I was only able to eat a little French toast which made me sad, because I love blueberry muffins. I can't remember all that was going on, but nurses kept coming & going and doing stuff and I really needed to sleep. I think I was finally able to sleep at like 1:00 in the afternoon or something.

Anyway, all in all I have decided that epidurals make things worse, and it is WAY easier to have babies without drugs. I was actually surprised by the fact that my contractions didn't hurt that much. I think it's mostly because of my distractions (book, talking to Scott about stuff while we were walking) and when each started getting painful I just focused on relaxing all my tense parts, and I rocked a little, and I thought, "OK, it's starting to build up, that's OK, it will reach the peak pretty soon, OK, here's the peak, and now it's coming back down" and kinda talked myself through it. I kinda got into a zone and just absorbed all of it, and didn't panic or fight the contractions or tense up, and I know that this part was easy to handle, and the only part I couldn't handle was the pushing part, but that was OK because it was super short, and almost a relief, because it is so active and SO close to being done. Scott is just in amazement now I think, after seeing me do 2 epidural babies and 2 natural babies, and he said that it was obviously much better for me with the latter two. So, you can do it! You don't need an epidural! It's WAY better without!

We had a bunch of issues with Max's blood glucose levels the next day, but I think it's nap time, so I'll write about that another time.


  1. colleen! you are amazing! 2 natural babies...hearing all those details got me so *in the moment* and i started remember my labor which i dont think its a good thing. anyways. congrats on maximus! love the name! rest lots!

  2. Congrats Colleen! You're my idol! I can't believe you delivered a baby without an epidural... and that you have 4 kids... and that you marched over to that guy's house! Thanks for the note. I miss you guys. Love Allie