Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a little bit closer...

Today I had another doctor appointment. This time they had a brand new, digital scale! Not a real doctor's office-type scale, but the clear glass kind that you buy at Bed Bath & Beyond. But still! So I weighed 149.2 (and I'm maintaining that I have still yet to break 150, because that old timey scale last time was wobbling quite a bit and didn't balance at 150!). My belly measured 37 again, for like the third week in a row. His heart rate sounded really fast to me, but the doppler counter said it was "high 140s" which is normal ("Never trust machines for monitoring!"). I think that he is flipping sideways all the time, and that's why we can see so much CRAZY movement all the time. Usually his back is on my left side, and there are huge waves of movement from one side of my belly to the other. Today she said his back is on my right side, and I'm sure he'll twist around like normal tonight. I'm fine with that (and honestly watching him move a ton is very funny and entertaining) as long as he stays head-down and is face-down when it's delivery time. I measured 3 cm today, and she didn't say how effaced I was. So I'm still up a little from last week.

I go in on Friday morning for a quick ultrasound to make sure there's enough amniotic fluid in there still, and a non-stress test. Then I'll go in for the NST twice a week until I deliver or the 28th, when I've agreed to let her induce me. Hopefully he comes MUCH sooner than that, however. Scott's parents leave on the 21st, and Scott is going to one million work meetings the next week. It has been really great having Scott's parents here--I haven't had to cook or wash dishes or take all the kids to drop Will off at school the entire time! As much as it is awesome for them to be helping out now however, I know things will be even harder for me AFTER the baby comes, so I'm hoping he's born sooner rather than later, so we get as much time with them post-baby as possible. Also the kids are just loving having them here, and every time they drive up all of them run outside and practically jump on them before they can even get out of the car. Evy is even going to them and playing with them and wasn't sad at all when I left for my appointment this morning and when they took her & Ben to the park without me. I'm glad that she's doing so well, it's great to see her happy to be with other people. Plus I was a little worried she'd just cry for me the entire time I was in the hospital, but thankfully it seems she will do just fine!

Hopefully my next post is full of new baby news...but I'm not counting on it!

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