Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bullet points!

OK, so I can't figure out how to do bullet points on Blogger. But that's what I'm going for.

I'd love to post a picture of 10-day-old Max, but Scott has the camera, so I'll have to do that later. So here's one of 10-minute-old Max!

Look at those chunky arms & shoulders!

Sometimes I miss punk music. Also, I love the "Black Parade" song by My Chemical Romance. So good!

Max is practicing trying to smile, which is super funny. Most of the time he just does one side of his face, or wrinkles his nose. So cute.

The Neighbor Guy apologized to Scott the other morning! He also thanked him, and said "Your wife really helped to calm things down." From what Scott says, it seems like it was really hard for Neighbor Guy to say all that, so I'm glad he made the effort. Also, this is exactly what I was hoping for--help them calm down, offer any help I could give, and try not to make the guy feel judged or attacked.

Max went in for his 1 week checkup on Monday! He weighed 8# 14oz at birth, 8# 7oz at discharge, and 9# 3oz at one week! He is evidently growing very well!

I am having a super hard time nursing. It's gotten to the point where it's OK, and not SUPER painful, but I need to find a La Leche League meeting or something. And I miss Kaiser--you could go see their lactation consultants as often as you wanted for free. Through my insurance now, it's $95 per "consultation." They do have a free Breastfeeding Support Group, but it meets at a terrible time--I'd have to have someone pick Will up from school AND take Ben & Evy. In theory I know how things should be working, but I just need someone to say, "do it like THIS" several times and help me. I'll figure something out for next week.

I had two kids throw up on me today! Max had been sleeping for a long time, then nursed a TON, and I forgot to have him burp, so when I moved him he projectiled all over me! It was actually funny, because he looked so worried & confused after. Then tonight Evy was eating some Sweet Potato Chips, and started choking a little, but she was trying to push the food back in her mouth with her hand (which I was trying to fight) so she ended up completely throwing everything up, all over my lap and the dining room floor. Which is much better than actually choking, or throwing up on carpet.

Scott bought a bunch of candy earlier this week and I am eating it all! Also I bought doughnuts on Tuesday, because Scott's parents got them several times when they were here and I want doughnuts every day now. Also they are good for midnight snacks when I'm up nursing and suddenly get STARVING.

EVERY TIME I take Max's diaper off to change him he pees, and most of the time he poops too. It's his favorite.

Max's eyes are still baby grey, but the outside edges are just barely starting to lighten. I wonder if they'll be super light blue like Ben's, or more regular-type like Will's & Evy's?

I'm reading the complete stories of Sherlock Holmes, and despite the first one which said lots of mean things about the early LDS church (including that Brigham Young killed anyone who said anything negative about the church or didn't want to practice polygamy) I'm really liking it, and it's very mind-provoking. I can't wait to watch the movie again after I'm done. And I figured out where the phrase "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time" came from!

The Toys R Us Christmas catalog came in the mail today, and the boys spent most of the afternoon in Will's bed completely absorbed and incredibly excited.

Evy loves hair clippies SO much. So much that she just can't stop touching them, and pulling them out to look at them, and showing them to me with a HUGE smile. I think I replaced her clippy about 890 times today, and she loved every second of it. Me, not so much.

Will's soccer practice was cancelled this week because the coach wanted to watch the Giants game. It worked out fine for me, but I still think it's hilarious.

Also hilarious is Oh my gosh you guys. The cake one and the tooth/park one are SO funny.

There are a lot of fun Things happening for Halloween that we are skipping this year on account of having a tiny baby, and I feel a little bad for my kids. But we went to a fun party today with friends from church (I was only an hour late, no biggie) and tomorrow there's the Halloween Costume Parade at Will's school, and we might go to the Trunk or treat at the church. So still some fun stuff.

The left shift key on our keyboard hasn't worked for years, and I've forgotten how much harder that makes it to type one-handed.

Things have been going really well the last few days. All the kids are doing well (did you we kind of have a lot of kids now?) and everyone I talk to is offering to help, and my friend (and Will's best friend's mom) has been taking Will to school so I don't have to bundle up Tiny Baby and get 4 kids unbuckled and everything. So thanks for being so kind and helpful everyone!

My third grade GATE teacher told us that "nice" was just the worst word ever, with the most watered-down meaning ever, and that we weren't ever allowed to use it in front of her. I still have a really hard time using it and feel like everyone must be judging my incredibly small vocabulary whenever I do.

The end!

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  1. Reading your post made me feel like we were still there. Sorry about the doughnuts. We are going thru withdrawl here.