Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yesterday's appointment was a bit disappointing. My appointment was at 10:10, and I got there & checked in at 10:14 (the only time I've been late, amazingly!). I finally got called into the back at 10:50, and after doing the urine sample and the blood pressure and seeing the doctor....I was in my car (which was parked really far away) at 11:01. She told me all about having Monday off, and how great it was, and how she and her husband ate watermelon, and how it was really expensive when she was a kid but she doesn't know enough about agriculture to understand why it isn't expensive now. Then she told me that my GBS (Group-B Strep) test was positive, so they would just put me on antibiotics when I'm in labor. Then she tried to leave. This is something that's finally new to me, as my other three pregnancies were negative, so I had some questions. For example, I don't plan on being at the hospital long enough for them to start an IV. Evy was a "precipitous delivery" (she was born 23 minutes after I walked in the door) and that was great, and that's what I'm hoping for this time (although I know, every birth is different and you can't plan things blah blah blah). She told me that in that case, the pediatricians have some protocol, but she doesn't know what it is, but they'll take care of it. And tried to leave again! She wouldn't tell me anything else, only that it's not dangerous to adults, 20-40% of adults are carriers, and that it can cause problems if the baby is born and the mother is positive. I was so frustrated I just let her leave and decided I'd just do some research and try to talk to Scott's brother (who is a pediatrician but unfortunately lives on the other side of the country) if I needed more info. Also, she decided not to do a pelvic exam...she'll do it next week. Not that I really WANT one, but I'm curious if I'm dilated more and my due date is in less than two weeks, so it seems warranted. I'm really starting to hope that she is off on the day I deliver, because I'm worried she'll run in, say, "oh this is taking too long, let's give you tons of pitocin and then do a c-section if that doesn't work in 5 minutes!" I'm sure it will all be fine, and she's really nice and I'm sure she's a great doctor, I'm just getting anxious in general, and her personality kinda makes that worse. Oh well, too late to do anything about it now.

In other news, Scott just did a huge research paper last week, and had a smaller paper due a few days before that, and has another paper due tomorrow. He has been doing homework every night that he's not working late since school started (actually I think we took two nights off to watch Gladiator, but it's still very impressive). The two assignments he's gotten back he's gotten A's on, so he must be doing a good job! I'm very proud of how hard he's working, at work and at school and at home, especially since I've been pretty disabled recently so he's had to take care of me and do extra stuff as far as taking care of the kids too. I'm hoping he can have a chance to go golfing or disc golfing or something with his dad when they come, because he definitely deserves a day off. Or at least a few hours off.

Last night I had a baby shower! Some friends from church did it for me, and it was so much fun. We just sat around and talked and ate chips & delicious cookie things for a couple hours. It was great, and my friend Drena made some amazingly cute decorations (it was pumpkin themed). We've been planning on getting a pack-n-play, and I got some gift cards to go towards that, so I am excited. I decided it would be nice to have someplace safe to put the baby when I take a shower or whatever, other than just putting him in the bed with pillows on either side and keeping our fingers crossed.

I'm trying to make a halloween costume for New Baby.

I bought a pattern for hooded jammies, and decided I'd make the fingers & toes pointy claws instead of all rounded, and add the ears somehow. I still haven't figured that part out yet. I forgot how difficult and confusing sewing patterns are. But, I put a zipper in! All by myself! It was really hard, and the sewing isn't completely straight, but there it is. My first zipper. However, when I tried to turn the toes right side out, I can't get then through. I think I made them too small, so they won't come out. Then I think I tore some stitches out of the seam from pulling too hard. And the jammies look big enough to fit Evy, despite being "newborn" size. So at like 1am the other night I gave up, and tried really hard not to burst into tears. Thankfully my mother in law will be here in a week, and as she can sew anything, I'm optimistic that she'll be able to help me.

Will has next week off school, and I'm SO excited. Last year Scott took Will to school on his way to work most mornings, but this year with school and trying to get enough hours he can only do it once a week, and now he leaves right when we're waking up. This means that I have to get all four of us dressed and out the door, then park super far away (because the school design in lame) and get the stroller out for Evy and get Will over there...and will have to do this when the new baby comes, too. So I think I'm even more excited that he has some time off than he is! Plus, I miss him, and it'll be nice to have him home for a while.

Lastly, it has been HOT the last few days! Like high 90s and even over 100! Yesterday we went swimming at my sister-in-law's pool, which I was a little worried about. Even Will is not a swimmer, Evy needs to be held the whole time, my SiL's daughter is only 3 so she has to hold her, and Ben can't swim either! So the kid:parent ratio was far from ideal. But Will can touch the bottom on his tiptoes, so he walked around a lot, Ben stayed on the steps, and I sat on the steps with Evy. My SiL took her daughter and Ben around the pool a few times, and so everyone was happy, we had no near-drownings, and we all cooled off. Hurray! Hopefully it's cooler today, since I got really exhausted yesterday, and even though it was a "success," I don't think we'll be doing it again, unless Scott can come. Today I have to go to Target, do some cleaning, and get ready for Amanda and Rachel to come over and watch the RS broadcast tomorrow night. We are going to eat lots of ice cream!

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  1. it's funny that two days ago, when you posted this, it was hot, and now it's cold.

    I liked the paragraph about me!;-)