Sunday, September 12, 2010

{I hate how Blogger uploads pictures; for some reason these are all super small. If you click on them you can see them big. Also, I made it so anyone can comment, you don't have to sign in to a Google account or anything!}

So! A lot of Things have been happening around here! Ben had his fourth birthday! We went to "Daddy's new Golfland" for his party, and he had a great time. He also got some sweet presents.

Obviously he was having a great time opening presents!

4 Candles!

It's kinda crazy that he's four. Also, he has had a recent growth spurt, but Will hasn't in a while. When Will went in for his checkup last month he was 45" tall and weighed 45#. Last week Ben went in, and was 40" tall and weighed 40#. So they are really close in size right now!

Also, Evy played with Play-Doh for the first time last week:

And I'm proud to say that she did not try to eat it at all! Hurray!

Will started soccer! He loves it, although the team is kinda disorganized, and he still (after 4 practices and 2 games) has no idea what to do. But he gets super excited and has a ton of fun, and that's what matters anyway.

First soccer game!

And playing on the playground afterwards!

Yesterday, after Will's game, we went apple picking at Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville. It was super fun! Will picked like 14 pounds, and we ended up with a total of over forty pounds of apples--which cost $53. Oops! Next time we'll have to be a little more careful. So now I have to figure out what to do with a gazillion apples. We also got sandwiches and cookies and chips and the BEST apple juice ever for lunch, and the kids played in a hay bale tunnel and had an apple war with some other kids. Somehow, no one got too hurt and no parents got too mad, and the kids got good and dirty and had a great time. They can't wait until strawberry time next year. Today Will was asking if they had any other things to pick there, because he wanted to go back! Here are some pictures:

Baby belly!

Cuddly Evy.

Hilarious Ben face


Very proud Will

More baby! I had just put Evy down, and she had been playing in the dust/dirt for a long time, so my shirt was super dirty!

Evy had a great time riding on Daddy's shoulders and holding her two apples! other amazing news, I finished the quilt for baby number 4 today! Hurray! It looks super awesome.

I'm so excited. I made it super fast, didn't make any huge mistakes, and it looks really cool. Will said he really wishes he could have it for himself. But he still likes his Castle Quilt best, and he's very happy that now I'll be working on that again. I did really different quilting on this one. Usually I quilt "in the ditch" (along the seams where the stitches are fairly hidden) or along with the print of the fabric (for example, if there's an animal print, quilting all around each animal). For this one I quilted 1/4" away from the seam on each side of the diagonal and vertical seams. My batting needed to be quilted at least every 5", so I had to add those parallelograms. Scott made me a little template that I traced using my awesome chalk wheelie dealie which is seriously the best thing ever. You draw your chalk line on, quilt, then just flick or brush the fabric and it's gone. Mine is white, and it was just slightly more cream-colored than my white fabric, so I could still see it. I'm going to wash it tonight with one of those dye-grabber cloths, so hopefully that dark blue binding won't bleed into the white.

Also, I'm pretty sure that baby #4 has a first name (although I'm not going to tell it to you!). Not 100% sure, but there's no runner up, or anything else we remotely like, so we're pretty close. Although we've got nothing for a middle name. By the way, have you looked at that little baby counting-down thing over there? Twenty eight days! Yikes!


  1. I don't know why other people haven't commentoed yet. This is an awesome blog.

    First of all, awesome pictures of the kids! Super grumpy ben, and super angry Ben are classic.

    But even more importantly, that quilt is fantastico! I think it looks super cool. I love how the back is almost just as interesting as the front.

  2. I agree. I tried to comment yesterday but it said "no service" or something like that.

    I love the pictures. Why is Ben's so grumpy on his birthday?

    The quilting on the guilt is really nice. Adds a whole new design.

  3. hi! i just saw you moved your blog! how's that for being behind? :) beautiful quilt, and i think we're heading to gizdich this weekend. wasn't the apple juice amazing?! it's all i went when we go. i hope they have honeycrisp...