Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Update

I went in to the doctor today. I'm finally to once-a-week appointments, so I've been stressing about finding people to watch the kids. My doctor doesn't work Wednesdays or Fridays, and doesn't do appointments after 3:00, so it's impossible for Scott to watch Ben & Evy without ditching something. My sister in law has been awesome, and lots of friends have also offered. I just always feel bad. Anyway, so I'm now 37 weeks! She said he's definitely head-down (yay!) and that I'm at a 1.5. I think I was at about 4cm before I even started contractions with Evy, so I'm hoping that the same thing happens this time around, so that half of the work is done for me before things get painful. She also asked how big my other babies have been (Will 8# 6oz, Ben 9# 8oz, Evy 7#), and she said that this definitely didn't feel like a 9 1/2 pound baby, or even 8--she thinks he'll be closer to 7. Which is exactly what my doctor told me about Ben--who came out pretty darn big! So I'm pretty sure she just jinxed me into having an 11 pound baby.

Honestly, this baby could come any day! How weird is that!? It could be today, or in three weeks, or in five weeks. So crazy. There's just so much stuff on my calendar right now, and Scott has a million things to do, and has midterms the week the baby's due, and is going to Arizona for a few days when the baby's like two weeks old, and it just seems like stopping everything in order to have a baby is just not going to work for us! Thankfully, Scott's parents are coming from NC on the 7th, and they'll be here until the 21st, so Scott will still be able to go to school, and Will will have someone to take him to soccer and school and stuff. The boys are super excited. They are going to get haircuts from Grandpa, and go to The Bakery for croissants for breakfast with Grandma. I really wish we had a spare bedroom, because it would be so much easier for everyone if they could just stay here. Someday, I'm sure we will. And we'll have more than one bathroom, and a dishwasher, and closets that hold all of our clothes. Until then, I'm grateful that we have a driveway to park in, and a fireplace, and a fenced in backyard, where the kids can all dig in the dirt for crystals while I wash dishes. Or, I can let the boys turn the hose on and get REALLY dirty.


  1. Don't wish that baby out to soon. We want to be there when that happens. Little boys and mud--yikes! Where's Evy?

  2. ooo wow the boys look happy. i hope you get to a 4cm before contractions coz it seems to make labor go faster i think? i was walking around 3cm for 3 weeks with azalea. it was kinda weird.

  3. @Beth--Trust me, I don't feel ready for this guy to come out AT ALL! I'm fine with him being late, but hopefully not early! That mud day was crazy, and my bathtub and laundry room floor were gross afterwards! Evy was asleep while they were playing in it; it was a little bit deep for her!