Saturday, August 21, 2010

Will's first week of school!

So Will started First Grade this week! He's in school from 8:45-2:50 every day. Which is a really long time, and we all miss him. It makes me so sad to see how many parents are super excited that their kids will be gone all day. I just don't understand it. Why would you WANT to be away from your kid more? He is having a lot of fun, although he's been pretty tired at the end of the day, and slightly more cuddly. He'll just come up to me and lean against me, or sit next to me on the couch with his head on my shoulder. These things I like! A new boy in our ward who is in Will's Primary class is also in his class at school, and they were SO excited! There are a lot of kids from his Kindergarten class last year too, and way more boys than were in his class last year. However, some big things have happened almost every day at school this week.

Day 1: Will & friend N were talking to a 3rd grade boy, who wasn't being very nice. N asked the boy, "Are you a bully?" and the boy said, "Yes!" and then got in Will's face, backing him against a wall (or something) and said, "Why, do you want to mess with me?" Will sidled out sideways, and he and N ran away. They told their teacher, and she said not to worry about it, because if the boy really was a bully, he'd get sent home. (?)

Day 2: One of the boys from Will's class last year was getting locked in the bathroom by a bunch of other kids. This boy has had some fear issues about going to the bathroom by himself last year. So Will & N told the boys to stop, chased them away, and there might have been some mild hand-to-hand combat.

Day 3: A second or third grade girl (whom Will said they called "scary girl" or "monster girl") chased some of Will's friends with a knife and cut two of them (!!!). Will didn't see the knife or the cutting, but the other kids told him it happened. We knew the two kids & their parents from last year, so I emailed both of them. We think that the boys might have been just making it up?

Day 4: Will & N told the yard duties that "scary girl" had a knife. She said she didn't. Will is very distraught because she LIED!!! Either she lied to the boys about having a knife, or she lied to the yard duty about not having one.

Day 5: Apparently a bunch of Will's friends (and him?) were chasing "scary girl," and she told them to leave her alone, and one of his friends tackled her. We had a long talk about why he needs to leave her alone now, even if his friends are bothering her, especially since she was saying that she didn't want them "playing" with her.

There were tons of other, fun, happy things that happened this week (like digging in the dirt with sticks for crystals), but Will has had to make some major decisions and was in some not-so-great situations every day. Now I realize that this will happen all the time in "real life," but he's 6. I want him to play and have fun and be happy for a few years before he has to start choosing between good and evil on a regular basis. He's done really well each time, and he's told us about everything, and talked things through, and asked why people did things, etc., which makes me really happy. Anyway, I hope that next week is less stressful.

We took Ben in to get another xray on Wednesday, and the token is gone! We weren't very good about sorting through his poop, because it is gross. And I knew we were getting the xray, so there was really no need to. Anyway, everything is fine, we didn't even need to go back to see the Pediatric Gastroenterologist, which is good.

Yesterday Ben was throwing up all day, poor little guy. It's just so sad. And there's nothing I can do. And he kept begging me for water, but every time he drank any he threw up. So I finally decided to go with what I know is physically better for him, and do the NPO thing. So he didn't have anything to eat or drink for 11 hours from the last time he threw up (this was overnight, so it wasn't hard for him) and I gave him a tiny bit of water this morning. If he still doesn't throw up after 4 hours I'll give him a little more water, and then think about some toast or something 4 hours after that. This is so much easier to do with animals than with kids. I mean, how do you stay strong and say no when your kid is begging and crying for water? It's terrible. So far no one else is sick, and we're not sure why Ben got sick. I'm glad that the token is out, so we know for sure that it's not causing anything. We watched movies all day yesterday, and Ben really wanted me to sit on the couch with him all day. There's only so much Max & Ruby I can take, so I worked on New Baby quilt all day. The quilting is probably about 3/4 done. If we have another Movie Day, I'll probably finish it today! Very exciting! Then I'll just need to trim it, cut & sew the binding strips, machine sew those on, then hand sew them to the back. Which will NOT get done today. But, I'm getting much closer!


  1. wow...will stories are crazy! I can't believe all that happen in like the first week. n i hope ben gets better soon. a sick kid is no fun and i just feel so bad for them to feel so yucky.

  2. I was going to say "I can't believe Will is in first grade!" and then I remembered that Bea is starting first grade this year, too. :) I'm sorry about the crazy stories ... I certainly hope things calm down soon. The teacher's comment about the bully is a little strange, to say the least.

    Sending healthy thoughts to you & your family! :)