Monday, July 26, 2010

Quilt update!

OK, so since I know all of you really care about this, here is what I am actually really going to do for Baby #4's quilt:

This pattern, called Triangle Tango:

It looks super hard, but it's not because it's made from half-square triangles! And there are instructions for a toddler/lap size quilt, which will be smaller than the one in the picture, and with no border. I'm going to use the Castle Peeps fabric in blue:

With a solid white. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use the darkest of those fabrics with the little arrow X's for the border, but I haven't decided on backing yet. Either the one with all the castles or the flag one. The coolest news is that I have sold enough stuff on Etsy that I was able to buy all of the fabric for the top with only that money! So it was basically free! Hurray! My fabric just got here this morning. Now I just need to sell enough stuff by the time I'm done piecing the top to pay for the batting, backing, and binding. I think I'll be doing better on Etsy soon, because Scott's dad, AKA Photography Genius, told me all the stuff I need to do to make my pictures look not horrible. I re-photographed three things today, and one thing yesterday. Only like 40 more to go! I also have my first quilt for sale on there, which I have to admit is really scary for me. I mean, if no one buys the fabric I'm selling, no biggie, because it's all stuff that I don't want anyway. Although I did buy it at one point, so I might have terrible taste. But if no one buys the quilt that I made all by myself (albeit with a bit of advising help from my mother-in-law), then maybe I'm REALLY lame.

I've been working on Will's castle quilt more. For the castle blocks I quilted around the castle, the door, the turrets, and all the guys & dragons, so it's all puffy and cool looking (also my MiL's advice!). For the green map-type squares I had a sudden awesome idea to do a densely quilted diagonal/diamond pattern that looks like argyle. Seriously you guys, it looks so awesome. The good thing about lots of quilting is that it makes it look super cool and makes it all crinkly, but the bad thing is that it takes a million years to do. I got two (out of 12) blocks quilted, and now 'll start working on #4's quilt, since there's a bit of a deadline on that one. And it usually takes me at least a year to finish a quilt.

Can you see how awesome the back of that diamond quilting looks?! It's even better in real life because it's the bright white thread on the blue background. So amazing!

In other news, Scott has been working a LOT. There have been several days in the last two weeks when he literally worked from before the kids got up until after they went to bed. And I will take a second to be selfish and say that it is REALLY hard for me when days like that happen. Also, poor Scott has to work ALL day, and the kids miss him a lot. Sleeping is still a major issue for me, although my back has been feeling slightly better. I'm relieved to be past the "magic" 28 week mark--from what I hear at least, once a baby gets past 28 weeks chances of survival if born preemie are super good. Have I ever mentioned that I have a huge fear of having a preemie baby? It still wouldn't be good if he were born now, but his survival chances are really good. And I've only got 12 more weeks to go! Crazy!

We bought a new stroller/car seat combo:
I think it's really pretty. The handle is the lame kind, the one thing I REALLY cared about, but it was the cheapest I have seen, since it was on sale and I had two kinds of coupons and I got free shipping, so it's no biggie. Evy has started walking around really fast, and talking a lot, and she swings her left arm a little with each step which is just adorable. She is really becoming a toddler now, instead of just a baby. And she understands an amazing amount of words, Tonight I was asking Will & Ben to get plates out for dinner, and she got super excited and went and picked a plate, convinced Will to get her a spoon, showed them both to me, then put them on her high chair tray. I feel like a lot more has been happening, but it's time to get those boys in bed, so I'll update again in another 2 months or so. :)


  1. Awesome, Colleen! The castle quilt is adorable! You will have to let me know your Etsy shop name ... I have a slight Etsy addiction.

  2. OK Amy, I posted a little link thing to my etsy store on the side of my blog, which I've been meaning to do for a while! :)

  3. ooo i do like the newborn quilt with the triangle pattern!! can't wait to see it done.