Monday, November 15, 2010

This will be really rambling, but some Things have happened that I want to get down, although it's hard to type while holding a baby and I'm pretty sleepy!

All four kids were sick last week--super congested and diarrhea. Thankfully there was only one big mess, and luckily I had my handy-dandy Emergency Kit in the car, complete with extra diapers, wipes, change of clothes, and extra garbage bags to contain everything. Will only had 3 days of school last week due to Veteran's Day, and I had him stay home all week. I took all four kids to the doctor on Tuesday. Evy had had diarrhea for 8 days, and Max was so congested that he was just making terrible noise all night, and I knew if I didn't bring them in and things got any worse, everyone at the hospital wold think I was a terrible mother. The advice nurse said they were mostly worried about Max since he was so young, but since I'd have to bring all four in anyway (Scott being at school) they might as well examine everyone. Will weighed 46.5# (all kids had clothes & shoes on, they were in too much of a hurry to have them take off their shoes or have me undress Max, probably because I was about 10 minutes late). Everything looked good for him, except he's had a cough for a week or two and his lungs sounded something, so he got antibiotics (Zithromax--which I was worried about because it causes diarrhea in cats and tastes super bitter, but Will didn't get any worse and the cherry flavor was apparently super yummy). Ben weighed 42 pounds, and everything looked great, she said to keep up the Pedialyte I had been giving him. Evy weighed 22 pounds (!!) and also looked really good. Max, who was three weeks and one day old, weighed 11 pounds even! The doctor wanted me to have him sleep at at least a 45 degree angle, with a cool-mist humidifier in front of him. Like, in his car seat. I think she still has a hard time accepting that he sleeps in our bed. Instead I've been putting him in his bouncer and bringing it into the bathroom when I take a shower so he can get the steam. If I tried to make him stay in the car seat any longer than absolutely necessary he would just scream constantly, which is what he does whenever I put him in there. Thankfully we don't drive places very often.

Anyway, there hasn't been any more diarrhea since we went to the doctor, and Max is still a little congested, and Evy's nose is still a little runny, but definitely much better. I don't know how people can possibly sleep with their babies in a crib in another room--it was scary even for me, with Max right next to me while he was having that terrible loud congestion! I would be so paranoid if he wasn't right there where I could make sure he was still breathing. Also, whoever invented the bulb-syringe is a genius. Max is the only baby I know who doesn't freak out when you suck out his boogers. He just lays there. So weird.

I went to Will's parent-teacher conference last week (Scott had to stay home with the 3 big sick kids). He's doing really well, above grade level in reading and math, and she says he already has a bunch of weird tricks for math stuff. Scott is proud of him, but also bummed that Will is going to spend all of his high school years getting chastised for not showing his work. She mentioned several times what a sweet boy he is, and how kind he is to all the other kids, and how he's willing to be friends with everyone, and how happy he is. It made me very happy & proud; naturally I think he's super awesome, and it makes me feel great that other people think so too.

Max is smiling a ton! It so hilarious. He'll do just one side of his face, then a huge, whole-face, open-mouth smile. While everyone was sick we had a Star Wars marathon, and watched all the movies (including the animated #2.5) except #2, which is lost, over the week. And now all three kids are playing with light sabers, and "reflector" shields, and even Evy is building guns and "bips" (spaceships) out of Legos. Man, those old Star Wars movies are super good.

Ben made me trophy out of K'Nex "for having a baby." Which is awesome. I think all women should get awesome K'nex trophies for having babies. He also made one for Max, with a little heart-shaped K'Nex bit, which he explained was "for being the most specialist. And he gets a heart but you don't because I love him more than you. Actually I love you both equally the same, but he gets the heart."

Ben got a little turkey crown/hat thing at our Ward Thanksgiving party, and he yelled out, "I am the king of all turkeys!!!" which was hilarious.

I bought Scott a huge 4# bag of various-sized Tootsie rolls, which was going to be a secret anniversary present, but he brought all he groceries in from the car and I forgot to make hiding arrangements, so he got it early. I think I still deserve some sort of Awesome Wife commendation. And maybe a trophy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Max is getting BIG!

I just wanted to make a quick note that at Max's 2 week appointment on Monday, he weighed 9# 14oz--a full pound up from his birth weight! He's starting to spend more time awake Also, I finally got the Baby Bjorn out of the car, since Max has also gotten to the needing-to-be-held-all-the-time stage.

In other news, I saved $114 at the grocery store today! Thanks Melissa for teaching me how to be slightly awesome at using coupons!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bullet points!

OK, so I can't figure out how to do bullet points on Blogger. But that's what I'm going for.

I'd love to post a picture of 10-day-old Max, but Scott has the camera, so I'll have to do that later. So here's one of 10-minute-old Max!

Look at those chunky arms & shoulders!

Sometimes I miss punk music. Also, I love the "Black Parade" song by My Chemical Romance. So good!

Max is practicing trying to smile, which is super funny. Most of the time he just does one side of his face, or wrinkles his nose. So cute.

The Neighbor Guy apologized to Scott the other morning! He also thanked him, and said "Your wife really helped to calm things down." From what Scott says, it seems like it was really hard for Neighbor Guy to say all that, so I'm glad he made the effort. Also, this is exactly what I was hoping for--help them calm down, offer any help I could give, and try not to make the guy feel judged or attacked.

Max went in for his 1 week checkup on Monday! He weighed 8# 14oz at birth, 8# 7oz at discharge, and 9# 3oz at one week! He is evidently growing very well!

I am having a super hard time nursing. It's gotten to the point where it's OK, and not SUPER painful, but I need to find a La Leche League meeting or something. And I miss Kaiser--you could go see their lactation consultants as often as you wanted for free. Through my insurance now, it's $95 per "consultation." They do have a free Breastfeeding Support Group, but it meets at a terrible time--I'd have to have someone pick Will up from school AND take Ben & Evy. In theory I know how things should be working, but I just need someone to say, "do it like THIS" several times and help me. I'll figure something out for next week.

I had two kids throw up on me today! Max had been sleeping for a long time, then nursed a TON, and I forgot to have him burp, so when I moved him he projectiled all over me! It was actually funny, because he looked so worried & confused after. Then tonight Evy was eating some Sweet Potato Chips, and started choking a little, but she was trying to push the food back in her mouth with her hand (which I was trying to fight) so she ended up completely throwing everything up, all over my lap and the dining room floor. Which is much better than actually choking, or throwing up on carpet.

Scott bought a bunch of candy earlier this week and I am eating it all! Also I bought doughnuts on Tuesday, because Scott's parents got them several times when they were here and I want doughnuts every day now. Also they are good for midnight snacks when I'm up nursing and suddenly get STARVING.

EVERY TIME I take Max's diaper off to change him he pees, and most of the time he poops too. It's his favorite.

Max's eyes are still baby grey, but the outside edges are just barely starting to lighten. I wonder if they'll be super light blue like Ben's, or more regular-type like Will's & Evy's?

I'm reading the complete stories of Sherlock Holmes, and despite the first one which said lots of mean things about the early LDS church (including that Brigham Young killed anyone who said anything negative about the church or didn't want to practice polygamy) I'm really liking it, and it's very mind-provoking. I can't wait to watch the movie again after I'm done. And I figured out where the phrase "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time" came from!

The Toys R Us Christmas catalog came in the mail today, and the boys spent most of the afternoon in Will's bed completely absorbed and incredibly excited.

Evy loves hair clippies SO much. So much that she just can't stop touching them, and pulling them out to look at them, and showing them to me with a HUGE smile. I think I replaced her clippy about 890 times today, and she loved every second of it. Me, not so much.

Will's soccer practice was cancelled this week because the coach wanted to watch the Giants game. It worked out fine for me, but I still think it's hilarious.

Also hilarious is Oh my gosh you guys. The cake one and the tooth/park one are SO funny.

There are a lot of fun Things happening for Halloween that we are skipping this year on account of having a tiny baby, and I feel a little bad for my kids. But we went to a fun party today with friends from church (I was only an hour late, no biggie) and tomorrow there's the Halloween Costume Parade at Will's school, and we might go to the Trunk or treat at the church. So still some fun stuff.

The left shift key on our keyboard hasn't worked for years, and I've forgotten how much harder that makes it to type one-handed.

Things have been going really well the last few days. All the kids are doing well (did you we kind of have a lot of kids now?) and everyone I talk to is offering to help, and my friend (and Will's best friend's mom) has been taking Will to school so I don't have to bundle up Tiny Baby and get 4 kids unbuckled and everything. So thanks for being so kind and helpful everyone!

My third grade GATE teacher told us that "nice" was just the worst word ever, with the most watered-down meaning ever, and that we weren't ever allowed to use it in front of her. I still have a really hard time using it and feel like everyone must be judging my incredibly small vocabulary whenever I do.

The end!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Max's Birth Story--Finally!

Maximus Adam Peltz, born 10/18/10 at 10:44am, 8# 14oz, 20" long

Well, Saturday night nothing happened, and I didn't get very much sleep, which was a bit disappointing. On Sunday I had a feeling of "this is the day!" all day, but didn't want to jinx it by saying anything or even thinking it too much. At church there were a zillion variations of "Are you still pregnant" which is always hilarious. It actually rained Sunday, so we had to drive for the first time since we moved to this house. Scott took a nap that afternoon, and the kids and I and Scott's parents took a long walk. We had super tasty Pepper Steak for dinner. When Scott's parents left for their hotel for the evening, his dad said something like, "OK, give us a call at 3:00 am, we'll be ready!"

Later, I heard the neighbor and his daughter yelling at each other. I think she's 13 or so, and is mostly there on weekends. Usually we hear her yell something along the lines of "I HATE YOU!" and then she storms out. We're always kinda sad at this, but figured it was just a "typical" teenage/parent conflict. This night, I was pretty sure I heard him yelling that he hated her back. After almost two hours, with us hearing them yell every once in a while, Scott let Tasha out into the backyard and could hear him yelling "I hate you, I don't love you, why don't you just leave!" (with a LOT of swearing). And it was like 11:00 at night, so it's not like she could have left. Anyway, I decided we needed to do something. I don't think he had hit her, so I didn't think calling the cops would be good, and I thought if Scott went over there Angry Guy was more likely to punch him or something, So I went over there. He didn't answer the door after I pounded on it several times, but I could hear them from the side of there house where the window was open. Now he was saying, "Go ahead, call the cops, I don't care. What are they gonna do?" So I yelled out, "Hey S!" a few times, and finally he said "What!?" I said, "Hey man, can I talk to you for a second?" He asked who it was, and I said, "Colleen from next door." He came to the door and said "What do you want?" I said it seemed like they were having a really hard night, and I asked if there was anything I could do to help them out. He was very mad and swearing and asked what I thought I could do to help. I offered to have his daughter come over for a little while, so they could have some time apart and cool off. He was pretty mad, said something about how we never say hi to him or anything and he doesn't know us and what do I think I'm doing asking to have his daughter come over, and just to go the F away. So I said OK, I was just trying to help. As I was walking away he started saying things about how we already have our hands full, and that maybe someone should take OUR kids away. He was totally trying to intimidate me and knock me down, which I have plenty of experience with, so most of what he said just made me feel sad for them. And I know he was just trying to get to me, but, he DID get to me. How terrible for anyone, even this guy, to think that someone should take my kids away. Anyway, by now Scott was standing out on our porch, and the guy was like, "What about you, do you have an F'n problem too?" and Scott said, "I do have a problem with your language." and the guy said, "Well F you too, what do you think about that!" We were pretty worried about what to do next. Do we call the cops? Child Services' 24 hour hotline? I figured either he would realize it was time to leave it and just go to bed, or he'd blame her and escalate it. So Scott & I said a prayer together, and both decided that things would be OK for tonight, and that we would decide what other things we needed to do in the future. We haven't seen him since then, but I think things are going to be VERY awkward whenever we do. So I think we finally went to bed a little after midnight. I had a few contractions all day, but nothing that was ever painful or even uncomfortable.

Then I woke up a little before 2:00, and I was having really frequent contractions. They still weren't hurting, but they were slightly uncomfortable. So I got up and timed 8 or 9 of them, and they were 3-4 minutes apart. So I started trying to wake up Scott, and called a whole bunch of numbers for my doctor's answering service, which, not surprisingly, told me to go in to the hospital. We called Scott's parents, and they walked in the door right at 3:00am.

When we got to the hospital they checked me and I was between and 6 and a 7. They started the antibiotics for the GBS, and put in a whole IV (told you they would, Eric!). I decided not to fight it, because it's really not that big of a deal. It probably took about an hour for them to do all the check-in questions and set the room up for delivery and all that, and after that I was at a sure 7. I started reading The Hunger Games, and Scott slept a little. My doctor came in at about 6 and checked me, and I was at a 9. Starting at about 7:30 or so we decided to walk around a bit. I had tried to sleep, because I was getting REALLY tired, but the contractions were just a little too strong to sleep through. If I was reading I barely noticed them, but they hurt when I was trying to sleep. So I woke Scott up and we went walking around to L & D department. My nurse kept telling me not to go too far, because she wanted to be able to get me back to my room when my water broke. She said my amniotic sac was super huge and bulging and she kept thinking it was going to break any second. So we walked around for a while, went back to the room & got the second dose of antibiotics, and read, then we walked around some more. The contractions were getting strong enough that I had some trouble walking through them, but I just took tiny steps and breathed real big through them. Finally at about 10:00 I started thinking that things were getting close. The nurse checked me and I was still a 9, and my water broke. There was meconium in there, so they told the NICU to be in the room at delivery to make sure Max's lungs were OK. My nurse kept asking if I needed to push yet, and I said that I thought I could, but it wasn't that scary frantic "Oh my gosh I need to push NOW!!!!" feeling yet. I was starting to worry about that, because my doctor was in her office 400 yards and 2 floors away, and they were going to call her when I REALLY needed to push. I guess the nurse and Scott didn't understand that I wanted them to call the doctor, because they were both kinda astounded at the fact that I was talking normally and seemed totally happy. Plus the nurse kept asking me questions during contractions and expecting me to answer, when I really needed to just tune her out and rock back and forth and concentrate on relaxing all the different parts of my body. She checked me again and I was still a 9, so she told me to lay on my side for a while to get things the rest of the way dilated. I think I had three normal contractions, and then IT came. The thing I was fearing--I needed to push RIGHT NOW, it hurt like crazy, and they still had to call my doctor! The nurse also had to check me and I couldn't roll over onto my back, because even though I was trying hard not to I was pushing a little, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to resist pushing if they put me on my back. So she checked me on my side, said something like Oh yeah, you're ready!" and ran out of the room to call my doctor. By now I was starting to get pissed, I just wanted to deliver this baby and I didn't care WHO caught him, and I was just mad at this stupid system and just wanted the doctor on call who I didn't have to wait for to deliver him. Thankfully my doctor got there really quickly. I think I had 3 monster contractions, although it's hard to tell because at that point they don't fully end. They turned me onto my back, and I had my eyes shut tight because for some reason that was imperative for dealing with the pain, and no one really told me what was going on. I had no idea when everyone was ready or when I was allowed to push and stop fighting it. I'm not sure when I finally decided to go, but I did, and his head came out in 1 and a half pushes. Then I had a lull in the contraction, and they told me I had to deliver his shoulders and push right NOW. I said, "I can't!" and they said "You have to!" (not, yes you can, good job, or anything encouraging like that). So I did, and it was really hard, because it was all me and I didn't have any help from my uterus. Then he was out! And the doctor said "He's really heavy, someone take him from me!" And I heard Scott say he had lots of hair. At some point Scott came around near my head and was holding my hand, which was good. Also I screamed a lot, and my voice really hurt afterwards. I'm pretty sure that screaming as loud as you can is very helpful, since my body did it all on it's own and I certainly never decided to start yelling. Anyway, I kinda wanted to rest for a few seconds, but the doctor immediately started poking & prodding and massaging my uterus and delivered the placenta really quickly. I had a small tear, which she had to fix RIGHT THEN, and I was super flinchy and everything hurt and I was anticipating all the pain and it was terrible. At some point while they were fixing things up they put Max next to me, and I really wanted to hold him and nurse him, but I was stuck where I was. I think if they had given me a second to sit up and hold him in my arms and nurse him while they were working on me it would have been better. They also started me on Pitocin without telling me, which pissed me off. No big deal at this point, but I didn't want them to do it, and they did it all sneaky without saying anything. She said I had a little bit of extra bleeding, and because of what happened with Will's delivery they wanted to be extra careful, and they gave me an injection of something else to help with the bleeding. I'm not sure what it was, but I'm pretty sure it made me really drowsy and fuzzy-headed and nauseous.

After they weighed Max, he was laying in the heated bed dealie & a nurse was checking him, and Scott was standing at the end of the bed and he peed all over Scott! He was probably only about 10 minutes old. And I think he's peed almost every time he's had a diaper change since, although now I've got him figured out, so he's only peed on the walls & floor & himself a few times.

My nurse was getting ready to send me to the Mother-Baby unit, and kept telling me to order my breakfast, but I was feeling super nauseous and didn't really want to. I had been starving up until the injection, since I hadn't eaten anything real since like 7:00 the night before. I ended up ordering French toast & a blueberry muffin and eggs. They put me in a wheelchair to go to the new room, and that made me feel even more sick. They delivered my food to the new room, and I was only able to eat a little French toast which made me sad, because I love blueberry muffins. I can't remember all that was going on, but nurses kept coming & going and doing stuff and I really needed to sleep. I think I was finally able to sleep at like 1:00 in the afternoon or something.

Anyway, all in all I have decided that epidurals make things worse, and it is WAY easier to have babies without drugs. I was actually surprised by the fact that my contractions didn't hurt that much. I think it's mostly because of my distractions (book, talking to Scott about stuff while we were walking) and when each started getting painful I just focused on relaxing all my tense parts, and I rocked a little, and I thought, "OK, it's starting to build up, that's OK, it will reach the peak pretty soon, OK, here's the peak, and now it's coming back down" and kinda talked myself through it. I kinda got into a zone and just absorbed all of it, and didn't panic or fight the contractions or tense up, and I know that this part was easy to handle, and the only part I couldn't handle was the pushing part, but that was OK because it was super short, and almost a relief, because it is so active and SO close to being done. Scott is just in amazement now I think, after seeing me do 2 epidural babies and 2 natural babies, and he said that it was obviously much better for me with the latter two. So, you can do it! You don't need an epidural! It's WAY better without!

We had a bunch of issues with Max's blood glucose levels the next day, but I think it's nap time, so I'll write about that another time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Still no baby!

Well, Wednesday afternoon I was feeling yucky all day, and in the evening I had a few contractions! They were like 1/2 an hour apart, and didn't hurt at all. I think I had a few during the day, but they were so mild I couldn't tell if he was stretching or if it was a contraction. Anyway, that evening after I was sure I'd had several (albeit small) contractions I got really scared. Maybe a little panicky. Then Scott asked me to help him study (his last midterm was Thursday). I felt a little bad, because I was really getting anxious because I was scared of impending labor (pain) and wanted to go to bed. When Will was born we had been up for like 48 hours before he actually came out, and it was so exhausting, so I really wanted to get some sleep in before things sped up. We ended up going over all the stuff that Scott needed to, and I practically ran off to bed. I don't think I even brushed my teeth. Then nothing else happened. And I have to admit, I was really relieved. Thursday Scott's parents and I went for a walk around the neighborhood, and it didn't help at all. Thursday evening more contractions started, but still super small and FAR apart. Then I was sitting on the couch reading and there was one that actually hurt a little, and I freaked out again, took a shower, and rushed to bed. But there weren't any more after the slightly painful one. Yesterday Scott stayed home from work (because we figured we'd be having a baby pretty soon!) and we all walked to Jamba Juice and back, which is about a mile each way. Still nothing. That evening we went out to dinner at Black Angus with Scott's parents & his brother's family. I had a chicken BLT that was super yummy. I felt really yucky the whole time though. My back and stomach hurt, and I had terrible heartburn and my leg cramps were super bad. Thankfully, I only had a few tiny contractions. But I left right after dinner and Scott took the kids with the rest of his family to play somewhere for a few hours, and I went to bed. When they got home, Ben threw up a ton. I should have known it would happen, because he kept asking when the food was going to come and why it was taking them so long to cook it in a kinda panicked way at dinner, which was pretty out of character for him. I had a fleeting thought that maybe his tummy was hurting, but I shrugged it off. I hate it when I do that! Anyway, he and Will were exhausted, and it was way too late of a night for them, and it was really hard getting them into bed. Ever since Will started school we just can't stay up late with them anymore (homeschool FTW!). I had a few more small contractions, but they went away once I went to bed too. Today I stayed home with Ben, and Scott took Will & Evy to Will's soccer game, and then to Vasona for a picnic with his family. Ben has been totally fine all day, but I do NOT want to leave my poor in-laws with a vomiting child while I'm having a baby, and it would be hard on Ben too. So we decided to play it safe and just keep him home and let him have a movie day. When Scott got home I went to Target to get a few things, and use my coupons I bought on eBay for Pediasure for Evy. It took 38 minutes to get there instead of like 8, because this two-lane road was getting repaved, and there was a TON of super slow, backed up traffic, and all the left turns were closed, and I couldn't get out. I did get to hear some Green Day and Weezer on the radio, although pretty much everything else on the radio these days is lame. No contractions at all today.

I think I read somewhere that the mother's mental state can have a bearing on labor progression, and I'm wondering if my freaking out is messing things up. I'm going to try really hard next time to get pumped up and not be scared.

Yesterday was my ultrasound to check for adequate fluid levels and the non-stress test (NST). Scott actually got to come with me! I think this was only the third appointment he was able to come to. I weighed 148 (but with the old-timey scale). For the NST they hooked me up to a fetal heart rate monitor and a contractions monitor, gave me a juice box, and let me sit there for 20 minutes or so. Then my doctor came in and looked at the monitoring strip dealie, said that there were a couple tiny contractions, and that the baby was moving plenty and had a great heart rate. Then she got out this little plastic thing that buzzed like an alarm clock, and she said that she was going to put it on my belly to wake the baby up. She did, and he just jumped and moved super fast and squirmed to the other side of my belly! He totally panicked! It made me so sad. My poor tiny baby having to get all scared like that. :( Afterwards we did an ultrasound and she checked my cervix. I'm dilated to a 3.5 (up from 3 on Tuesday) and she said there is tons of fluid in there, so there's no reason I can't go past due. I have another appointment for next Tuesday (and I'm not going to let her use that buzzer thing! So there!) to do another NST, ultrasound, and visit with my doctor. Hopefully I won't make it till then, but at this rate it seems like I will!

Also, I took down the counting-down-to-baby-time thing, because it started going back up after my due date!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a little bit closer...

Today I had another doctor appointment. This time they had a brand new, digital scale! Not a real doctor's office-type scale, but the clear glass kind that you buy at Bed Bath & Beyond. But still! So I weighed 149.2 (and I'm maintaining that I have still yet to break 150, because that old timey scale last time was wobbling quite a bit and didn't balance at 150!). My belly measured 37 again, for like the third week in a row. His heart rate sounded really fast to me, but the doppler counter said it was "high 140s" which is normal ("Never trust machines for monitoring!"). I think that he is flipping sideways all the time, and that's why we can see so much CRAZY movement all the time. Usually his back is on my left side, and there are huge waves of movement from one side of my belly to the other. Today she said his back is on my right side, and I'm sure he'll twist around like normal tonight. I'm fine with that (and honestly watching him move a ton is very funny and entertaining) as long as he stays head-down and is face-down when it's delivery time. I measured 3 cm today, and she didn't say how effaced I was. So I'm still up a little from last week.

I go in on Friday morning for a quick ultrasound to make sure there's enough amniotic fluid in there still, and a non-stress test. Then I'll go in for the NST twice a week until I deliver or the 28th, when I've agreed to let her induce me. Hopefully he comes MUCH sooner than that, however. Scott's parents leave on the 21st, and Scott is going to one million work meetings the next week. It has been really great having Scott's parents here--I haven't had to cook or wash dishes or take all the kids to drop Will off at school the entire time! As much as it is awesome for them to be helping out now however, I know things will be even harder for me AFTER the baby comes, so I'm hoping he's born sooner rather than later, so we get as much time with them post-baby as possible. Also the kids are just loving having them here, and every time they drive up all of them run outside and practically jump on them before they can even get out of the car. Evy is even going to them and playing with them and wasn't sad at all when I left for my appointment this morning and when they took her & Ben to the park without me. I'm glad that she's doing so well, it's great to see her happy to be with other people. Plus I was a little worried she'd just cry for me the entire time I was in the hospital, but thankfully it seems she will do just fine!

Hopefully my next post is full of new baby news...but I'm not counting on it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

On Tuesday I had another appointment. It was super fast! I got called in after only sitting down for about 2 minutes! My belly measured 37cm, and I weighed between 149-150, which is the most I've ever weighed in my life. I was the same last week, so maybe I'm in the "slowing down of weight gain because delivery is getting close" phase. I'm dilated to 2.5cm and 50% effaced. That seems like a lot. Hopefully he doesn't just fall out. I hope this keeps going though, because I'm very happy with the idea of most of the dilating happening before things get painful.

I talked to my brother-in-law last week about the GBS stuff. At first I was irritated at my doctor, then I read the CDC and March of Dimes websites, and completely freaked out. He was very helpful though, and made me feel a lot better. If my water breaks, I have to go in right away, no matter what. And I will need to get IV injections of antibiotics, but it's just single injections, not the whole IV pole and everything, so hopefully I'll still be able to do something other than lay in a hospital bed and wait and think about how painful everything is. He said that I'll need to have the antibiotics at least 4 hours before delivery--as long as there's 4 hours you're essentially considered GBS negative. I'm not really sure how to plan that, but I guess we'll figure it out. If we don't get there in time, we'll have to stay in the hospital 48 hours after baby is born, and they'll do a few blood draws to make sure there are no issues. And I might end up getting an epidural, and it will be OK. I'm still going to try my patented "Distraction With an Awesome Book" method, but I think it will be SO much harder in the hospital, where I'll be all scared & anxious, and Scott will be bored, and I will be sitting in a bed. Maybe I can have a room with a chair & table to sit at instead? And maybe I can get away with not wearing a gown? My brother-in-law also really didn't like my original plan of getting to the hospital RIGHT before the baby was born (like what happened with Evy) because he's seen too many babies born in the car on the way to the hospital or out in the parking lot.

My inlaws are flying in this evening, so this guy is now officially allowed to be born at any time. My actual due date is the 14th, even though by my period it's the 6th and by the "big" 20 week ultrasound it was the 9th. The 14th date came from the very early ultrasound I had at about 8 weeks, and we go with that because the earlier ones are most accurate, since there is less variation in growth rate and stuff at that time.

My doctor said that at my next appointment she'd talk about scheduling me to be induced, and it was hard for me to get a few words in that I don't want to be induced. So the very latest she'll let me go is the 28th (2 weeks after due date). And starting next Friday (one day after due date) I'll go in twice a week for ultrasounds to check the amniotic fluid level and monitoring to make sure baby is still healthy. But she said she REALLY doesn't think I'll be late with this one.

I've been trying to clean stuff this week, although my house is still incredibly messy, and I just can't seem to get any dishes to go away, no matter how much time I spend washing them. Which is pretty hilarious, because I have to bend over and reach way far out because our counter is kinda high and the faucet doesn't go out very far, and my big belly makes it hard to reach! But I cleaned the bathroom, our room, and the breakfast nook/kids playroom. I'm working on the dining room a little today, but I'm resigned to the fact that I just can't get everything done before my inlaws come and/or before the baby comes. And since I can't commission Scott on account of the fact that he doesn't have any days off, this is as good as it will get. And that's OK too.

Friday, October 1, 2010


So. Things have been hard for me this pregnancy. It has definitely been the hardest of the four. Eating things is still hard, and my ankles are super swollen every night, and I have crazy nasty varicose veins, and I've been getting these wicked leg cramps, that hit all of a sudden like sciatica, but then turn into super painful cramps, but in my upper legs instead of my calves. I had one while I was driving the other day, and it was SCARY. And Scott is never home, and I get tired of parenting ALL day, all alone--hopefully that doesn't make me sound like a terrible parent. And the last week was in the 90s and 100s, and it's not fair. And I've been feeling like bursting into tears at random things, which I blame on crazy pregnancy hormones. Anyway, I've been complaining a lot. Not so much to the world, or even Scott, since he's never around to hear it. Plus I try to not complain about things to people too much, because people don't like that, and focusing on the bad stuff in your life makes the bad stuff worse. But I've been complaining in my head way too much. The other day I was talking to Scott, and realizing how lucky I am to be pregnant and uncomfortable. Many people, including some that I know, will never have that, and would be SO excited for the chance to be miserable for ten months. Or they have to go through expensive, risky fertility treatments, and are lucky to have just one kid. And, even more personally to me, and THIS pregnancy, I am very lucky to be pregnant. I was thinking about how I felt that day when I got the positive pregnancy test after two weeks of bleeding, and then saw a doctor who told me there was essentially no chance that this baby would live. That I was miscarrying; there was a baby in there who was dying or already dead. Those terrible feelings of grief and powerlessness. And then waiting FOREVER for a follow-up ultrasound, and barely allowing ourselves to hope when we saw that the baby was STILL THERE. So, I have nothing to complain about, and I have everything to be grateful for. Somehow, through some miracle, this baby survived. And despite the fact that I'm pretty sure he's in there yanking on the umbilical cord all the time and that's what's making this huge weird pain above my belly button, it's all worth it, and all OK, and all good. This is the original blog post I did when we first found out I was pregnant, and in the same exact instant, possibly miscarrying:

February 12 2010
(This entire post is probably TMI, I mostly just want to remember what's going on for my own sake. So feel free to skip or skim)

So. Pretty much every month Scott and I convince ourselves we're pregnant. If I mix up a word (like saying "sword" when I mean "saw") or feel the tiniest bit nauseous or crave anything or whatever, we always say "It's because I'm pregnant!" It's almost like a joke. Anyway, this happened this month, like usual. Then I was two days late (which isn't all that abnormal since Evy was born) and then I opened a box of Goldfish for Ben and the smell made me super sick. So we decided to wait a few more days, then do a test. The next day my "period" started, so we laughed at ourselves like usual. That was January 30th, and I'm still bleeding, 14 days later. I started thinking a few days ago that something wasn't right. Then yesterday I woke up and had very typical (for me) morning sickness: feeling slightly nauseous and NOT hungry all day. I just lay in bed with ben & evy for most of the morning, then decided to do a pregnancy test. It was positive.

Now, I needed to see a doctor. So I spent the next 2 hours on the phone with Kaiser and our new insurance company, trying to find some way for me to see my old doctor. Not possible through our insurance, so I decided I'd just buy an individual Kaiser plan just for me, and everyone else could stay on Scott's. I was on hold for 6 years. Finally I talk to the lady, and she asks if I'm pregnant. So I say "yes..." If I were 27 weeks or more Scott's insurance would pay Kaiser to continue my care. Otherwise, there is NO WAY that Kaiser will let me buy an individual policy. I could just go, and pay full price, out-of pocket for everything. I know that Evy's 15 minute well-baby exam cost $255, so there's no telling what an OB exam and ultrasound and bloodwork would cost. So I called Scott and cried and was really angry. Then he recommended that I call some friends and ask who they use and see if those doctors are covered. My sister-in-law doesn't love her doctor, (and that doctor wasn't covered anyway) and my friend Katie didn't answer. So, I pulled up the list of 200 doctors, and randomly chose one close to Good Sam, because that's my favorite not-Kaiser hospital. I called them and they were really worried, and squoze me in at 1:00. So Scott picked Will up from school, and I left as soon as he came home.

I think that if I hadn't already been all worried and mad at insurance and bitter at having to go to this place it wouldn't have been so bad, but it was. The front desk girl was in like jeans and a sweater, barely looked at me, and wasn't at all friendly. They had an old-timey move-the-weights- scale. They didn't take my temperature, and used a manual blood-pressure dealie. Anyway the doctor came in, looked at the pregnancy test they just did, and said, "wow, that's a really strong positive." The she did an internal ultrasound, and said the sac looked strange, measured about 5 weeks, and that she couldn't see the ovaries too well. She didn't do an external ultrasound. Again, I'm comparing, and being all negative, but when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Evy I had a small amount of bleeding, and they sent me to the ultrasound specialist, who did like a 20 minute, extensive ultrasound, and got good, clear pictures of both ovaries and all over my uterus and cervix. I kinda expected this doctor to do something similar.

Then the doctor told me that she thought I was either having a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. She was really surprised that I wasn't having any abdominal pain or super-heavy bleeding. When I asked, she said that there was a less than 30% chance that this would be a viable pregnancy, or maybe actually less than 10%. Whatever that means.

So she had me go to the lab to check my hCG levels and to check if I was anemic. I also noticed on the form that she was checking my Rh group. I know that I am Rh negative and Scott is Rh positive, and that I've gotten Rhogam with all three previous pregnancies, but she didn't ask me. And she didn't tell me what she was testing for, even when I asked if she was testing my hCG levels. She said, "yes, and some other things." I'm not a doctor, but I've done this 3 times, and have a slightly-higher than average knowledge of bloodwork due to being a vet tech. Anyway, it was just one of the little things that bothered me. She told me that this wasn't my fault, it was just something that, if we choose to have babies, we have to learn to accept and live with. Thanks. Makes me feel lots better. I'll just go and deal with it now.

The receptionist setting up my recheck appt next week was, I guess, uncomfortable with the fact that I was sniffling and trying not to burst into tears right there in the waiting room. But she could have offered me a tissue or something.

Then I went to the lab, which was just down the hall. There were two workers sitting at the desk, looking at a computer. They didn't look at me. They were talking about the weird names Anjolina Jolie picked for her kids. And couldn't pronounce Shiloh or Vivienne. Then, across the hall I could see another worker trying to draw blood on an old man, and she was calling to the other people to help her because she couldn't get it. But they were on their lunch. Really? You're allowed to be rude in front of and ignore customers and read about Anjolina Jolie at the front desk on your lunch? So that took forever. And gave me a lot of confidence. Then, when the guy was finally drawing my blood, he was like, "so are you getting out of work right now?" and I said no. and he asked "do you work" and i said "no" and said, "oh you're rich huh?" no. idiot.

So all day yesterday I was super morning-sickness-y, and a little feverish and weak and just yucky feeling. I laid on the couch all day and Scott stayed home. I feel like I have more questions now than I did before I went to the doctor. I assume that this will be a miscarriage. Even though I didn't even find out I was pregnant until after we suspected there was a problem, it still is painful. I feel a little better today, but I still feel all weak and sick. Part of me feels like I should just suck it up. I mean, most of the people I know who have kids have had miscarriages, and most of them WAY later than this, after they've seen & heard their babies. And I assume that this is happening because there's something wrong with the baby, and my body knew that. And we weren't planning on getting pregnant again yet (not that it'd be bad if we did, it's just that, at least we haven't been trying for a long time and having that extra disappointment). But, I'm still going to wallow for a little while. Because I think that's allowed. I wish I could have my own doctor, who cares about me. Not that the other lady was uncaring, just that my own doctor who knows me and has been with me since the crazy night Will was born actively CARES about me. And that lab was gross and lame, and I don't want to have to go back there.

Another thing that's worrying me is that, while I was just barely pregnant, Scott and I moved our entire house ourselves. The washer & dryer, CA king bed, the couches, the giant bookcase. I even said, twice, "I'm glad I'm not pregnant, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to help with all this. My "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book (which has been WAY more helpful than the doctor I saw) says that "moving light furniture" won't cause a miscarriage. What about a washing machine? times like 30? Almost every day for the first 3 weeks of your pregnancy?

I really don't know what's going to happen next. I could have a miscarriage anywhere in the next 4 weeks. I might need a D & C. I might have an ectopic pregnancy explosion like my friend Hilary. Or I might have a baby in 8 months.

So see? Life is good. I have a baby squirming around who, as far as we know, is super healthy and growing perfectly and who I will be able to hold and nurse and smell and cuddle in, at the VERY latest, three weeks. And I'm VERY grateful for that.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yesterday's appointment was a bit disappointing. My appointment was at 10:10, and I got there & checked in at 10:14 (the only time I've been late, amazingly!). I finally got called into the back at 10:50, and after doing the urine sample and the blood pressure and seeing the doctor....I was in my car (which was parked really far away) at 11:01. She told me all about having Monday off, and how great it was, and how she and her husband ate watermelon, and how it was really expensive when she was a kid but she doesn't know enough about agriculture to understand why it isn't expensive now. Then she told me that my GBS (Group-B Strep) test was positive, so they would just put me on antibiotics when I'm in labor. Then she tried to leave. This is something that's finally new to me, as my other three pregnancies were negative, so I had some questions. For example, I don't plan on being at the hospital long enough for them to start an IV. Evy was a "precipitous delivery" (she was born 23 minutes after I walked in the door) and that was great, and that's what I'm hoping for this time (although I know, every birth is different and you can't plan things blah blah blah). She told me that in that case, the pediatricians have some protocol, but she doesn't know what it is, but they'll take care of it. And tried to leave again! She wouldn't tell me anything else, only that it's not dangerous to adults, 20-40% of adults are carriers, and that it can cause problems if the baby is born and the mother is positive. I was so frustrated I just let her leave and decided I'd just do some research and try to talk to Scott's brother (who is a pediatrician but unfortunately lives on the other side of the country) if I needed more info. Also, she decided not to do a pelvic exam...she'll do it next week. Not that I really WANT one, but I'm curious if I'm dilated more and my due date is in less than two weeks, so it seems warranted. I'm really starting to hope that she is off on the day I deliver, because I'm worried she'll run in, say, "oh this is taking too long, let's give you tons of pitocin and then do a c-section if that doesn't work in 5 minutes!" I'm sure it will all be fine, and she's really nice and I'm sure she's a great doctor, I'm just getting anxious in general, and her personality kinda makes that worse. Oh well, too late to do anything about it now.

In other news, Scott just did a huge research paper last week, and had a smaller paper due a few days before that, and has another paper due tomorrow. He has been doing homework every night that he's not working late since school started (actually I think we took two nights off to watch Gladiator, but it's still very impressive). The two assignments he's gotten back he's gotten A's on, so he must be doing a good job! I'm very proud of how hard he's working, at work and at school and at home, especially since I've been pretty disabled recently so he's had to take care of me and do extra stuff as far as taking care of the kids too. I'm hoping he can have a chance to go golfing or disc golfing or something with his dad when they come, because he definitely deserves a day off. Or at least a few hours off.

Last night I had a baby shower! Some friends from church did it for me, and it was so much fun. We just sat around and talked and ate chips & delicious cookie things for a couple hours. It was great, and my friend Drena made some amazingly cute decorations (it was pumpkin themed). We've been planning on getting a pack-n-play, and I got some gift cards to go towards that, so I am excited. I decided it would be nice to have someplace safe to put the baby when I take a shower or whatever, other than just putting him in the bed with pillows on either side and keeping our fingers crossed.

I'm trying to make a halloween costume for New Baby.

I bought a pattern for hooded jammies, and decided I'd make the fingers & toes pointy claws instead of all rounded, and add the ears somehow. I still haven't figured that part out yet. I forgot how difficult and confusing sewing patterns are. But, I put a zipper in! All by myself! It was really hard, and the sewing isn't completely straight, but there it is. My first zipper. However, when I tried to turn the toes right side out, I can't get then through. I think I made them too small, so they won't come out. Then I think I tore some stitches out of the seam from pulling too hard. And the jammies look big enough to fit Evy, despite being "newborn" size. So at like 1am the other night I gave up, and tried really hard not to burst into tears. Thankfully my mother in law will be here in a week, and as she can sew anything, I'm optimistic that she'll be able to help me.

Will has next week off school, and I'm SO excited. Last year Scott took Will to school on his way to work most mornings, but this year with school and trying to get enough hours he can only do it once a week, and now he leaves right when we're waking up. This means that I have to get all four of us dressed and out the door, then park super far away (because the school design in lame) and get the stroller out for Evy and get Will over there...and will have to do this when the new baby comes, too. So I think I'm even more excited that he has some time off than he is! Plus, I miss him, and it'll be nice to have him home for a while.

Lastly, it has been HOT the last few days! Like high 90s and even over 100! Yesterday we went swimming at my sister-in-law's pool, which I was a little worried about. Even Will is not a swimmer, Evy needs to be held the whole time, my SiL's daughter is only 3 so she has to hold her, and Ben can't swim either! So the kid:parent ratio was far from ideal. But Will can touch the bottom on his tiptoes, so he walked around a lot, Ben stayed on the steps, and I sat on the steps with Evy. My SiL took her daughter and Ben around the pool a few times, and so everyone was happy, we had no near-drownings, and we all cooled off. Hurray! Hopefully it's cooler today, since I got really exhausted yesterday, and even though it was a "success," I don't think we'll be doing it again, unless Scott can come. Today I have to go to Target, do some cleaning, and get ready for Amanda and Rachel to come over and watch the RS broadcast tomorrow night. We are going to eat lots of ice cream!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Update

I went in to the doctor today. I'm finally to once-a-week appointments, so I've been stressing about finding people to watch the kids. My doctor doesn't work Wednesdays or Fridays, and doesn't do appointments after 3:00, so it's impossible for Scott to watch Ben & Evy without ditching something. My sister in law has been awesome, and lots of friends have also offered. I just always feel bad. Anyway, so I'm now 37 weeks! She said he's definitely head-down (yay!) and that I'm at a 1.5. I think I was at about 4cm before I even started contractions with Evy, so I'm hoping that the same thing happens this time around, so that half of the work is done for me before things get painful. She also asked how big my other babies have been (Will 8# 6oz, Ben 9# 8oz, Evy 7#), and she said that this definitely didn't feel like a 9 1/2 pound baby, or even 8--she thinks he'll be closer to 7. Which is exactly what my doctor told me about Ben--who came out pretty darn big! So I'm pretty sure she just jinxed me into having an 11 pound baby.

Honestly, this baby could come any day! How weird is that!? It could be today, or in three weeks, or in five weeks. So crazy. There's just so much stuff on my calendar right now, and Scott has a million things to do, and has midterms the week the baby's due, and is going to Arizona for a few days when the baby's like two weeks old, and it just seems like stopping everything in order to have a baby is just not going to work for us! Thankfully, Scott's parents are coming from NC on the 7th, and they'll be here until the 21st, so Scott will still be able to go to school, and Will will have someone to take him to soccer and school and stuff. The boys are super excited. They are going to get haircuts from Grandpa, and go to The Bakery for croissants for breakfast with Grandma. I really wish we had a spare bedroom, because it would be so much easier for everyone if they could just stay here. Someday, I'm sure we will. And we'll have more than one bathroom, and a dishwasher, and closets that hold all of our clothes. Until then, I'm grateful that we have a driveway to park in, and a fireplace, and a fenced in backyard, where the kids can all dig in the dirt for crystals while I wash dishes. Or, I can let the boys turn the hose on and get REALLY dirty.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

{I hate how Blogger uploads pictures; for some reason these are all super small. If you click on them you can see them big. Also, I made it so anyone can comment, you don't have to sign in to a Google account or anything!}

So! A lot of Things have been happening around here! Ben had his fourth birthday! We went to "Daddy's new Golfland" for his party, and he had a great time. He also got some sweet presents.

Obviously he was having a great time opening presents!

4 Candles!

It's kinda crazy that he's four. Also, he has had a recent growth spurt, but Will hasn't in a while. When Will went in for his checkup last month he was 45" tall and weighed 45#. Last week Ben went in, and was 40" tall and weighed 40#. So they are really close in size right now!

Also, Evy played with Play-Doh for the first time last week:

And I'm proud to say that she did not try to eat it at all! Hurray!

Will started soccer! He loves it, although the team is kinda disorganized, and he still (after 4 practices and 2 games) has no idea what to do. But he gets super excited and has a ton of fun, and that's what matters anyway.

First soccer game!

And playing on the playground afterwards!

Yesterday, after Will's game, we went apple picking at Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville. It was super fun! Will picked like 14 pounds, and we ended up with a total of over forty pounds of apples--which cost $53. Oops! Next time we'll have to be a little more careful. So now I have to figure out what to do with a gazillion apples. We also got sandwiches and cookies and chips and the BEST apple juice ever for lunch, and the kids played in a hay bale tunnel and had an apple war with some other kids. Somehow, no one got too hurt and no parents got too mad, and the kids got good and dirty and had a great time. They can't wait until strawberry time next year. Today Will was asking if they had any other things to pick there, because he wanted to go back! Here are some pictures:

Baby belly!

Cuddly Evy.

Hilarious Ben face


Very proud Will

More baby! I had just put Evy down, and she had been playing in the dust/dirt for a long time, so my shirt was super dirty!

Evy had a great time riding on Daddy's shoulders and holding her two apples! other amazing news, I finished the quilt for baby number 4 today! Hurray! It looks super awesome.

I'm so excited. I made it super fast, didn't make any huge mistakes, and it looks really cool. Will said he really wishes he could have it for himself. But he still likes his Castle Quilt best, and he's very happy that now I'll be working on that again. I did really different quilting on this one. Usually I quilt "in the ditch" (along the seams where the stitches are fairly hidden) or along with the print of the fabric (for example, if there's an animal print, quilting all around each animal). For this one I quilted 1/4" away from the seam on each side of the diagonal and vertical seams. My batting needed to be quilted at least every 5", so I had to add those parallelograms. Scott made me a little template that I traced using my awesome chalk wheelie dealie which is seriously the best thing ever. You draw your chalk line on, quilt, then just flick or brush the fabric and it's gone. Mine is white, and it was just slightly more cream-colored than my white fabric, so I could still see it. I'm going to wash it tonight with one of those dye-grabber cloths, so hopefully that dark blue binding won't bleed into the white.

Also, I'm pretty sure that baby #4 has a first name (although I'm not going to tell it to you!). Not 100% sure, but there's no runner up, or anything else we remotely like, so we're pretty close. Although we've got nothing for a middle name. By the way, have you looked at that little baby counting-down thing over there? Twenty eight days! Yikes!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Will's first week of school!

So Will started First Grade this week! He's in school from 8:45-2:50 every day. Which is a really long time, and we all miss him. It makes me so sad to see how many parents are super excited that their kids will be gone all day. I just don't understand it. Why would you WANT to be away from your kid more? He is having a lot of fun, although he's been pretty tired at the end of the day, and slightly more cuddly. He'll just come up to me and lean against me, or sit next to me on the couch with his head on my shoulder. These things I like! A new boy in our ward who is in Will's Primary class is also in his class at school, and they were SO excited! There are a lot of kids from his Kindergarten class last year too, and way more boys than were in his class last year. However, some big things have happened almost every day at school this week.

Day 1: Will & friend N were talking to a 3rd grade boy, who wasn't being very nice. N asked the boy, "Are you a bully?" and the boy said, "Yes!" and then got in Will's face, backing him against a wall (or something) and said, "Why, do you want to mess with me?" Will sidled out sideways, and he and N ran away. They told their teacher, and she said not to worry about it, because if the boy really was a bully, he'd get sent home. (?)

Day 2: One of the boys from Will's class last year was getting locked in the bathroom by a bunch of other kids. This boy has had some fear issues about going to the bathroom by himself last year. So Will & N told the boys to stop, chased them away, and there might have been some mild hand-to-hand combat.

Day 3: A second or third grade girl (whom Will said they called "scary girl" or "monster girl") chased some of Will's friends with a knife and cut two of them (!!!). Will didn't see the knife or the cutting, but the other kids told him it happened. We knew the two kids & their parents from last year, so I emailed both of them. We think that the boys might have been just making it up?

Day 4: Will & N told the yard duties that "scary girl" had a knife. She said she didn't. Will is very distraught because she LIED!!! Either she lied to the boys about having a knife, or she lied to the yard duty about not having one.

Day 5: Apparently a bunch of Will's friends (and him?) were chasing "scary girl," and she told them to leave her alone, and one of his friends tackled her. We had a long talk about why he needs to leave her alone now, even if his friends are bothering her, especially since she was saying that she didn't want them "playing" with her.

There were tons of other, fun, happy things that happened this week (like digging in the dirt with sticks for crystals), but Will has had to make some major decisions and was in some not-so-great situations every day. Now I realize that this will happen all the time in "real life," but he's 6. I want him to play and have fun and be happy for a few years before he has to start choosing between good and evil on a regular basis. He's done really well each time, and he's told us about everything, and talked things through, and asked why people did things, etc., which makes me really happy. Anyway, I hope that next week is less stressful.

We took Ben in to get another xray on Wednesday, and the token is gone! We weren't very good about sorting through his poop, because it is gross. And I knew we were getting the xray, so there was really no need to. Anyway, everything is fine, we didn't even need to go back to see the Pediatric Gastroenterologist, which is good.

Yesterday Ben was throwing up all day, poor little guy. It's just so sad. And there's nothing I can do. And he kept begging me for water, but every time he drank any he threw up. So I finally decided to go with what I know is physically better for him, and do the NPO thing. So he didn't have anything to eat or drink for 11 hours from the last time he threw up (this was overnight, so it wasn't hard for him) and I gave him a tiny bit of water this morning. If he still doesn't throw up after 4 hours I'll give him a little more water, and then think about some toast or something 4 hours after that. This is so much easier to do with animals than with kids. I mean, how do you stay strong and say no when your kid is begging and crying for water? It's terrible. So far no one else is sick, and we're not sure why Ben got sick. I'm glad that the token is out, so we know for sure that it's not causing anything. We watched movies all day yesterday, and Ben really wanted me to sit on the couch with him all day. There's only so much Max & Ruby I can take, so I worked on New Baby quilt all day. The quilting is probably about 3/4 done. If we have another Movie Day, I'll probably finish it today! Very exciting! Then I'll just need to trim it, cut & sew the binding strips, machine sew those on, then hand sew them to the back. Which will NOT get done today. But, I'm getting much closer!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fastest quilt top ever!

I got this fabric on Monday, and today I finished the top! I went to the "Open Sew" class at a local quilt shop on Wednesday night, and used their felt design wall to lay out all the triangles. Then I sewed them into squares and put them back on the wall so I didn't get confused. I got all the squares done, then pinned the rows in piles, and yesterday & today I sewed them all together. I just ordered fabric for the back (it's not in this collection, but will look awesome!) and I'm using the darkest blue for the binding, which I also ordered a little bit more of. Yay!

(you can click on the picture to make it real big)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quilt update!

OK, so since I know all of you really care about this, here is what I am actually really going to do for Baby #4's quilt:

This pattern, called Triangle Tango:

It looks super hard, but it's not because it's made from half-square triangles! And there are instructions for a toddler/lap size quilt, which will be smaller than the one in the picture, and with no border. I'm going to use the Castle Peeps fabric in blue:

With a solid white. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use the darkest of those fabrics with the little arrow X's for the border, but I haven't decided on backing yet. Either the one with all the castles or the flag one. The coolest news is that I have sold enough stuff on Etsy that I was able to buy all of the fabric for the top with only that money! So it was basically free! Hurray! My fabric just got here this morning. Now I just need to sell enough stuff by the time I'm done piecing the top to pay for the batting, backing, and binding. I think I'll be doing better on Etsy soon, because Scott's dad, AKA Photography Genius, told me all the stuff I need to do to make my pictures look not horrible. I re-photographed three things today, and one thing yesterday. Only like 40 more to go! I also have my first quilt for sale on there, which I have to admit is really scary for me. I mean, if no one buys the fabric I'm selling, no biggie, because it's all stuff that I don't want anyway. Although I did buy it at one point, so I might have terrible taste. But if no one buys the quilt that I made all by myself (albeit with a bit of advising help from my mother-in-law), then maybe I'm REALLY lame.

I've been working on Will's castle quilt more. For the castle blocks I quilted around the castle, the door, the turrets, and all the guys & dragons, so it's all puffy and cool looking (also my MiL's advice!). For the green map-type squares I had a sudden awesome idea to do a densely quilted diagonal/diamond pattern that looks like argyle. Seriously you guys, it looks so awesome. The good thing about lots of quilting is that it makes it look super cool and makes it all crinkly, but the bad thing is that it takes a million years to do. I got two (out of 12) blocks quilted, and now 'll start working on #4's quilt, since there's a bit of a deadline on that one. And it usually takes me at least a year to finish a quilt.

Can you see how awesome the back of that diamond quilting looks?! It's even better in real life because it's the bright white thread on the blue background. So amazing!

In other news, Scott has been working a LOT. There have been several days in the last two weeks when he literally worked from before the kids got up until after they went to bed. And I will take a second to be selfish and say that it is REALLY hard for me when days like that happen. Also, poor Scott has to work ALL day, and the kids miss him a lot. Sleeping is still a major issue for me, although my back has been feeling slightly better. I'm relieved to be past the "magic" 28 week mark--from what I hear at least, once a baby gets past 28 weeks chances of survival if born preemie are super good. Have I ever mentioned that I have a huge fear of having a preemie baby? It still wouldn't be good if he were born now, but his survival chances are really good. And I've only got 12 more weeks to go! Crazy!

We bought a new stroller/car seat combo:
I think it's really pretty. The handle is the lame kind, the one thing I REALLY cared about, but it was the cheapest I have seen, since it was on sale and I had two kinds of coupons and I got free shipping, so it's no biggie. Evy has started walking around really fast, and talking a lot, and she swings her left arm a little with each step which is just adorable. She is really becoming a toddler now, instead of just a baby. And she understands an amazing amount of words, Tonight I was asking Will & Ben to get plates out for dinner, and she got super excited and went and picked a plate, convinced Will to get her a spoon, showed them both to me, then put them on her high chair tray. I feel like a lot more has been happening, but it's time to get those boys in bed, so I'll update again in another 2 months or so. :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Blog!

Evaline, 16 months

I've been considering a new blog for a while now, and thought I'd finally give it a try. Mostly just because Xanga requires people to have a Xanga account to leave comments or subscribe, which seems a little silly. So, we'll see how this goes. I'll have to figure out if there's a way to transfer all my old stuff to this, though, because there is a TON of stuff on my old Xanga from the last several years that I don't want to lose.

We go in on Tuesday to have our big ultrasound and found out if #4 is a boy or a girl! We're really excited. I'm also a little anxious, because part of me is worried that there might be a problem. When we first thought I was miscarrying, everyone tried to make me feel better by saying that miscarriages happen because there is something wrong with the baby, and it's not anyone's fault, it's just that the baby has such problems that they wouldn't be able to live. Well, if you almost miscarry, but don't, does that mean that there are some pretty bad problems, but not so bad that the baby can't live? I mean, we've all seen people who were born with some pretty awful disabilities, and not all of those were caused by drugs; sometimes they just happen. I'm hoping that my problems were caused by the fact that we moved a million super heavy things in the first few weeks, and that things will be OK. But honestly, until I see that all parts are present on the ultrasound screen, I'll be a little worried.

Also baby-related, I've been SUPER tired the last few weeks, and just the last 1-2 weeks I've been super nauseous again, like I was in the first trimester. I'm 19 1/2 weeks, and my tummy was feeling normal for the last 5 weeks or so, then just started acting up again. I told Scott I'm like that crazy impossible girl from a few months ago that said she got pregnant, then two months later got pregnant again and had "twins" in her belly at the same time. I know it's not scientifically possible, but it would be way cooler than, "oh well, you're jut going to be sick and exhausted for the next 5 months! have fun!"

One thing that I've been thinking a lot about is "big families." We're definitely starting to get up there now. I think most people are just surprised at how young I am when I tell them that this isn't my first, it's my fourth, but a lot of people say things like, "you're pregnant AGAIN?" "you're having ANOTHER baby?" and "Wow, you're brave, 4 is an awful lot of kids...." Maybe it's just my perception, but it always makes me a little sad. It's very rare that someone says "Congratulations!" or seems happy for me. Although every once in a while someone will say something nice. An old man at the post office a while ago said, "You have a beautiful family!" and gave me a very kind smile, which really made my day. Anyway, I know most people nowadays rarely even have three kids, and most not when they're our age, and most not only 2 years apart. But we're happy with our decisions, and happy with our family, and I just wish people wouldn't judge and would try to be happy for me. Also, those kind of comments always make me feel like the person thinks I'm a bad parent and shouldn't have any more kids. I think I've complained about this before...

I tried to get some new maternity jeans this week, because my previous pairs have all been worn to death. But I hate the kind that has that huge elastic thing that comes up over your belly, and for some reason all stores only have those or the normal kind in a really DARK color. I did find some I liked at Gap, although they were $70 so I didn't even try them on, because that's just ridiculous. Old Navy has very little maternity stuff now, but I'm thinking they might have more online. I really need to find something though, because my regular-type jeans barely fit with the button done, and it's still too cold for sandolios and the maternity capris I have.

I'm feeling a lot of fluttery baby movements, which are a lot of fun! I feel them most when I first get into bed, because the rest of the time everything is loud and distracting. But I m starting to feel a little more movement during the day, too. That's one of my favorite parts of being pregnant--getting to feel that there's a real baby in there that moves and feels and is really THERE!